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WWE NXT Results (12/2): Ladder Match With War Games Implication, Imperium Returns, More!



WWE NXT Results


Pat McAfee starts out paying respect to Pat Patterson, saying he appreciates everything he has done for this business. But on the opposite end of the respect spectrum, which is the fans at home and the Undisputed Era. McAfee says he saw the video package earlier about UE, and he mocks everything about them.

Pat says it’s no secret his team was put together by money, and he invested in greatness, which isn’t even counting the Mercedes he gave to Ridge Holland, who isn’t even here right now. Pat says they’ve run this place and on Sunday it is about Pete Dunne and two main events who are finally getting the opportunity they deserve, in Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Pat says they won’t squander the opportunity, and he wants fans to feel every single kick and punch and every time they bounce UE’s faces off the steel. Pat admits he knows that fans want to see him get ripped limb from limb, but his team are too good. Pat keeps talking until Pete Dunne takes the microphone and simply says this Sunday they will end the Undisputed Era.

Xia Li and Boa are shown in the warehouse again as they’re in cold water, being told to dunk their bodies in repeatedly, clearly testing themselves to impress whoever this mystery figure is. They end up out of the water as they bow down to the mystery person, and then they end up being attacked by kendo sticks.


Grizzled Young Veterans make their way out to wrestle Ever-Rise, but before that happens, Imperium returns as they attack Ever-Rise, taking them out! Marcel Barthel says this division belongs to Imperium, and they’re here to put the teams back in their position and they are here to put them into their place.


Marcel starts things out in impressive fashion, stomping away on Zack Gibson as he follows it up with a big uppercut. However, Gibson is able to turn things around as James Drake tags in and starts lighting up Barthel with chops.

Fabian Aichner then manages to tag in and he and Drake go back and forth with some shots to each other as Aichner ends up stomping away on Drake in the corner. Gibson manages to tag back in and he takes down Aichner and follows it up with a cheap shot to Barthel in the corner.

However, Aichner then does the same, knocking James Drake off the ring apron as he then plants Gibson in the middle of the ring. However, the Englishman fights back with some hip tosses as the two men continue reversing against each other until they end up spilling to the outside.

James Drake returns to the action, but he gets hung up on the top rope, yet Gibson is able to get back into the ring, only to be dumped into the turnbuckles as both members of Imperium hit dropkicks at the same time. Gibson is then isolated as Imperium hit several double team moves, going back and forth on the Englishman.

Aichner then drops Gibson and tries to hit a top-rope moonsault, but Gibson gets his knees up. Zack then clings onto him as Drake tags in and connects with an enziguri and starts unloading with more chops. Drake takes Aichner to the top rope, but he slips under and looks for a powerbomb, but Drake punches him away.

Aichner then distracts the official as Barthel pushes Drake off the top rope into Aichner, who connects with a massive suplex, but Gibson breaks the tag. He then holds Aichner as Drake connects with a dropkick, and he then runs off Gibson’s back to knock Barthel out of the ring as well.

The fight then spills to the outside and Aichner springs up to the top rope and launches himself out with a crossbody to everyone. However, Ever-Rise then hit the ring and take out both teams, sending their own message and bringing this match to an end.


WWE Raw Results (1/26): Raw Women’s Title Match, McIntyre – Goldberg Staredown, Edge Provides Health Update



wwe monday night raw results


MVP welcomes us to the VIP Lounge and he tells the TagTeam Champions that luck is on Riddle’s side more often than not, so they need to focus on the task at hand. MVP then says Bobby Lashley has something to say, and Lashley says sometimes you need someone to believe in you.

He says they believe, and the beauty of the group is that they’ve only just begun. Shelton Benjamin then starts out talking, but Cedric Alexander cuts him off and says it’s all about MVP. Lashley says they’ve collected some outstanding debts, and since they’re all draped in gold, they want MVP to have something as well.

They present him with a chain that is similar to his original MVP chain, but this time it says THB. Alexander says he was working with the designer, and Shelton then cuts him off, but this leads to R-Truth making his way down to the ring.

MVP asks why he’s here, and that’s because Truth thinks this is a surprise party for him. He says THB – Truth Happy Birthday. Bobby says that he almost forgot about Truth’s birthday, and he says he got him a gift and he invites Truth into the ring.

However, the group of wrestlers chase Truth, but The Hurt Business then appears and they take them all out. However, while they’re all focused on that, Riddle pops up and catches MVP with a knee to the face as he then gets out of dodge.


R-Truth is shown backstage as he tells Adam Pearce he wants to prove himself worthy of being in the Money In The Bank match. AJ Styles appears and wants to give him an opportunity. So Adam Pearce says if he proves himself against AJ Styles, he will take it under advisement.


The two men start out working a slow pace, grappling on the mat as they attempt to gain the advantage on the mat. However, John Morrison turns things up a notch with several kicks to the Celtic Warrior, but he responds with a back body drop and then some big uppercuts of his own.

Morrison fights back once again though, connecting with a kick across the throat as then nails some more big strikes while Sheamus is on the floor. But when he gets back to his feet, Sheamus connects with the Irish Curse Backbreaker, and then he aims to go to the top rope.

However, a brief distraction from The Miz works out, because when Sheamus leaps, Morrison catches him in mid-air with a kick to the knee. Morrison then continues that attack and he uses the rope to pull down on the leg, adding further damage.

Morrison then takes Sheamus down to the mat again as he works a knee submission, continuing to target the injured area. When Sheamus gets back to his feet, he keeps fighting, sending Morrison across the mat, but Morrison fights out of White Noise and then hits a chop block to the knee.

But when John aims to hit a springboard attack after that, Sheamus catches him and plants Morrison down onto the mat. Sheamus then works a submission of his own by locking in the Cloverleaf, but Morrison grabs the ropes to break it up, and he then hangs Sheamus up on the ropes.

But he Morrison returns to the ring, Sheamus hits a big knee strike and he follows it up with White Noise for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, The Miz gets on the microphone and says if Sheamus wants to be prepared his head has to be on a swivel, so he challenges him to a two-on-one handicap match, which he accepts.

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STF Underground Episode 90 – Is Tomasso Ciampa Royal Rumble Bound? Hard To Kill Recap, Where Does AEW Go After A Lackluster Dynamite?



STF Underground

Welcome once again to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode we talk about:

  • AEW Dynamite’s Lackluster Episode
  • Is Tomasso Ciampa Main Roster Bound?
  • Hard To Kill Recap
  • Can MSK Succeed In The WWE?
  • “Wrestling Apologists”
  • Dusty Cup Surprises



Facebook: STF Underground Podcast
Twitter/IG: @STFUnderground

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WWE NXT Results (1/20): The Fight Pit Returns, Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Begins!



WWE NXT Results


Beth Phoenix is shown at the top of the ramp and she says she is so excited and proud to be here as NXT makes history again. She says the brand has been at the forefront of the women’s revolution, and she names several WWE NXT legends who have been a big part of that.

She says it was the fans who wanted this, and now they prepare to make history again and it’s time to kick off the first-ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.


Toni Storm and Kayden Carter kick start this one, each looking to gain an advantage, with Toni Storm drawing first blood with a shoulder tackle and then a dropkick as Mercedes Martinez comes in and hits a sidewalk slam. Carter responds with a couple of strikes herself and she makes the tag.

The babyface hangs Martinez up on the second rope as Kacy then launches herself over the ropes to land on Martinez, who kicks out and then drops Kacy with a massive chop. Kacy then spins around Mercedes, attempting to reverse, but Martinez is too strong and she plants her down to the mat anyway.

Toni Storm comes in and hits a running hip attack in the corner, but it doesn’t give Martinez a victory. Mercedes then hits another big chop as Kacy continues to be isolated. She places Catanzaro on the top rope, slapping her in the face, but Kacy fights out, gets onto the shoulders of Martinez, and then launches her off the top rope with a hurricanrana.

Both women make a tag and Carter comes in hot, nailing Martinez with a dropkick as she then launches Storm into her. She follows up with another dropkick on Martinez in the corner which turns into a splash onto Toni as she lands down, which is a great move.

Carter bounces off the bottom rope and nails a dropkick, but Toni Storm then fights back with a headbutt, and then she connects with a German suplex. Storm then aims for a submission victory, locking in a single-leg crab, but on the outside, Io Shirai appears and launches Mercedes onto the announce table.

Carter then turns things around, twisting in a leg submission as Catanzaro nails an unbelievable aerial move to win the match for her team.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter


Finn Balor is then shown going into William Regal’s office, he tells him that he wants Pete Dunne but he wants to start with Oney and Danny. William says he can’t fight both of them, so he needs to get himself a partner, but Finn says all he only has enemies now.


Tyler Ruse looks to take down Bronson Reed early but struggles with the strength as Reed then twists the arm of Rust. His power continues to prove too much as Rust ends up being sent out of the ring and while Rust sprints back in, Bronson powers him up and drops him down onto his knee.

Reed then hits a reverse fallaway slam, but Rust is able to hang up Reed’s arm on the top rope, and he then drops Reed to the mat with his arm. Meanwhile, it is shown that backstage Toni Storm and Io Shirai are brawling.

Rust continues to attack the arm with several kicks, but Bronson fires back with some clubbing blows as he then just runs over his opponent. When Reed heads to the top rope, he gets caught out with a top rope-assisted Samoan drop, but Reed responds well with a senton and this allows Reed to hit his Tsunami finisher.

Winner: Bronson Reed

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