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WWE NXT Results (12/2): Ladder Match With War Games Implication, Imperium Returns, More!



WWE NXT Results


Timothy Thatcher talks about how people often lose by distraction, taking a shot at Tommaso Ciampa. However, as he turns around to start his lesson, it is Ciampa himself who is stood staring at him. Tommaso wants to fight him but Thatcher says he has no interest…but then he tries to blindside Ciampa and attacks him.

Ciampa quickly takes control until Thatcher’s student decides to involve himself, attacking Ciampa from behind, giving Thatcher a clear advantage. He launches Tommaso into the barricade several times, and inside the ring Thatcher managers to put Ciampa to sleep with a submission.


Shotzi Blackheart comes out with a lot of fire, but Raquel Gonzalez’s power is too much early on as she dumps Shotzi out of the ring. Shotzi fights back though and she launches herself out of the ring to kick a ladder into Raquel’s face.

She tries to follow up by diving onto Raquel, but instead, she just caches Candice and then drops her onto a ladder, face-first. But Shotzi fights back and locks in a sleeper hold, as Gonzalez eventually drops her off, spine-first into the post.

Raquel continues to attack Shotzi’s back, charging her into the barricade. However, after Raquel misses with a big boot onto the ladder, Blackheart is able to take advantage of that, slamming Raquel into the steel stairs.

Shotz then gets shoved into the ring after they tussle over the ladder, but Blackheart fights back against the bigger woman and she drops Raquel onto the ring apron. Shotzi then goes for sliced bread off the ring apron, but Gonzaleaz has other ideas and she just dumps her face-first.

Gonzalez quickly follows that up by slamming the steel stairs into LeRae, face-first as well. In the ring, both women then end up on top of a ladder as Raquel tries to pull Shotzi’s arm through the ladder and eventually both of them spill to the floor.

They each try to scale the ladder but get stopped, with Gonzalez having a ladder in her hands when this moment happens. Raquel charges into the corner but gets reversed and as she hangs face-first on the ring apron, Candice flies in and attacks her from behind.

Once again, the women end up on the outside and Blackheart takes a big gamble, launching herself from te ring apron to hit a double knee attack. Indi Hartwell then takes a ladder to Team Candice and they charge to the ring during this one, with Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon helping to level the odds.

However, while that goes off, Shotzi climbs the ladder only to be hit with a big boot. Gonzales then climbs to the top and seemingly has the match won, until Io Shirai hits a springboard to the ladder as she latches onto her. She sends Raquel to the outside and she nails her moonsault to all of them.

With everyone knocked down, it becomes simple for Shotzi to climb up and win this one.

Winner: Candice LeRaw



WWE Raw Results (1/26): Raw Women’s Title Match, McIntyre – Goldberg Staredown, Edge Provides Health Update



wwe monday night raw results


When the show returns, the heels are in clear control as both Miz and Morrison hit running kicks with Sheamus managing to kick out. The Miz then dumps Sheamus out of the ring and he then launches himself out with a big diving boot.

Not to be outdone, Morrison then follows suit and launches himself over the top rope to take out Sheamus. The dup then launch Sheamus into the barricade, with Morrison hitting another big kick to the face of Sheamus. Despite the domination from the heels in the ring, as Morrison gets sent into him, Sheamus sends him flying over the top rope and then he fires a clothesline into Miz for good measure.

Sheamus then connects with some clubbing blows as he plants Morrison and then hits a rolling senton on Miz, into Morrison as he turns things around. Sheamus then hits his classic beats to the chest on the ropes, and as Morrison tries to break it up, he actually hits Miz and then he gets a taste of that as well.

Sheamus then goes to the top rope and he dives down to the floor, taking out both of his opponents at once. Sheamus sets up the Brogue Kick, but Morrison grabs his leg. Miz looks for his Skull Crushing Finale, but Sheamus fights it off and then avoids an enziguri from Morrison, responding with a Brogue Kick! But before he can follow up on that, Miz hits his Skull Crushing Finale

Winners: The Miz & John Morrison


Ric Flair is backstage with Lacey Evans, teaching her different moves when Charlotte walks in, catching them in an awkward-looking spot. She tells Evans to leave, and Ric says just because Charlotte is a big star, doesn’t mean there’s not a place for him in the locker room, and he is always going to be himself.

Charlotte asks if she means, the person who spent all his money on anybody but his family, saying he is going from legend to old man, and she isn’t the bad guy. Evans then appears from behind and hits Flair with the Woman’s Right.


Straight away, AJ Styles attacks R-Truth while he’s getting prepared, and he then launches him into the turnbuckles as he then focuses on the legs of Truth with several kicks before hitting a backbreaker. AJ then acts like he’s in the Rumble, trying to throw Truth over the top rope, but he reverses and sends AJ out.

Styles tries to hit the Phenomenal Forearm when he gets back in, but he reverses and drops Styles down, hitting the five knuckle shuffle. He tries the Scissor Kick and then the AA, but AJ gets out of that and sets in the Calf Crusher.

Winner: AJ Styles

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STF Underground Episode 90 – Is Tomasso Ciampa Royal Rumble Bound? Hard To Kill Recap, Where Does AEW Go After A Lackluster Dynamite?



STF Underground

Welcome once again to another episode of STF Underground!

In this episode we talk about:

  • AEW Dynamite’s Lackluster Episode
  • Is Tomasso Ciampa Main Roster Bound?
  • Hard To Kill Recap
  • Can MSK Succeed In The WWE?
  • “Wrestling Apologists”
  • Dusty Cup Surprises



Facebook: STF Underground Podcast
Twitter/IG: @STFUnderground

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WWE NXT Results (1/20): The Fight Pit Returns, Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Begins!



WWE NXT Results


Finn Balor is told his match is confirmed but he needs a partner, and Finn says that there are a couple of people around here that owe him a favor. Balor is then shown heading into Undisputed Era’s locker room where he says he is looking for his payback, and he asks Kyle O’Reilly if he’s in or if he’s still sucking his meals through a straw.

Roderick Strong tells him to watch his moth but Adam Cole calms him down, and Kyle tells Finn that he is in.


Santos Escobar is then shown in the ring as he says he is the champion of champions. He says a champion of champions doesn’t have to conquer a curse like Johnny Gargano or have a glass jaw like Finn Balor. He says he doesn’t need a fancy car or to have all the pomp and circumstance like Karrion Kross, who didn’t even make it to his first title defense.

Santos says he backs up every word that he has said, and he has beaten every person who has been on his path. He then praises his stablemates for winning their first-round match, saying it puts them one step closer to being like him, champions of champions.

However, Lucha House Party then hit the ring and they start brawling with their quarter-final opponents. However, it is Legado Del Fantasma who gets the best of the situation, until Curt Stallion hits the ring and evens up the playing field, sending the heels packing.


Drake Maverick says this year he’s walking into this year with a beacon of light, a best friend in the entire world, Killian Dain. He puts over their Dusty Cup opponents, MSK, but he says they’re not going to win this tournament because they are.

Killian says that’s pretty good as he slaps Drake and says he will see him next week.


It’s main event time! The two men waste no time in slugging it out as Timothy Thatcher hits a suplex on Tommaso Ciampa, who simply slams onto the hard floor on the top level. Thatcher then starts kicking his back, but Ciampa fights back with some kicks to the face.

Ciampa then starts stomping away on his rival as he connects with several big chops. Ciampa then sets Thatcher up in the metal guard rail and pulls him up, as he goes neck-first into the metal. When the match returns from commercial, they’re inside the pit itself as Ciampa launches Thatcher into the steel several times, following it up with a running knee into the steel.

Thatcher responds well though, slamming Ciampa shoulder-first into the steel, and he then stomps down on Ciampa’s head. Ciampa kicks away at the knee of Thatcher and he hits a chop, only for Timothy to slam Ciampa into the steel and bounce off with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Thatcher then manipulates the fingers of Ciampa, bending them apart, but Ciampa responds by sending Thatcher head-first into the steel. Ciampa then nails a stiff kick to the spine of Thatcher but once again the pendulum swings as Thatcher kicks Ciampa away into the steel.

He then looks to lock in the sleeper hold, but Ciampa breaks out of the hold with a low blow. Thatcher then crawls over the referee’s back as he is checking on him, but this allows Tommaso to use the referee in order to connect with Willows Bell!

Thatcher just beats the count, but Ciampa charges straight into him only for Thatcher to fire back as the two men go back and forth with big forearm strikes and slaps. Ciampa slams the skull of Thatcher into the steel and then nails the Fairytale Ending as he follows it up with a submission, but Thatcher lifts him up and sends Ciampa into the steel, neck-first.

Thatcher locks in a sleeper hold but Ciampa climbs up the corner, looking to flip over and out. However, Thatcher pushes Ciampa’s leg into the steel which holds up the structure, trapping him, and Thatcher then yanks away on the previously injured knee, forcing Ciampa to submit.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

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