WWE NXT RESULTS (2/12) Garza/Rush, Grimes/Gargano, More


Feb. 12th, 2020
Winter Park, FL

Velveteen Dream’s return is recapped. The show begins with Roderick Strong demanding a microphone. Strong is still mad about Velveteen Dream wearing tights with Strong’s wife & child on them. Strong promises to hurt Dream. He demands an apology. He is interrupted by Bronson Reed, who’s mad about the Undisputed Era attacking him. He says they’re going to fight right now.

Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed

Strong throws the referee at Reed. Reed dominates Strong in the corner. Reed delivers a series of elbow drops. Strong fights back but Reed’s size and strength are too much for Strong. Reed crushes Strong and pulls off Strong’s shirt.

Reed chops Strong’s bare chest, while Strong is blinded by his own shirt. Reed continues the assault, but Strong fights back with chops of his own. Reed continues to overpower Strong, throwing him around the ring. Reed hits a huge forearm smash. Reed hits a delayed suplex. Strong retreats from the ring. Reed hits an apron run shoulder tackle. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Reed is continuing to dominate Strong. Reed gets a series of nearfalls. Reed crushes Strong with a Senton. Reed climbs the top rope but Strong stops him. Reed fights out of the Superplex. Strong recovers and hits a Superplex for a nearfall. Reed retreats from the ring. Strong hits a Wrecking Ball Dropkick.

The arena turns purple and fills with fog. While Strong is distracted, Reed hits a Tope Suicida. Reed rolls Strong back in the ring. Strong counters a Frog Splash with a knee to the face of Reed for the pinfall in 14:04.

WINNER: Roderick Strong

After the match, Velveteen Dream reveals tights that say “Call Me Marina,” while Dream proposes “what if someone took something from you.” Dream promises to take Strong’s family from him. Dream asks what would happen if something happened to Strong. Dream suggests that if something did happen to Strong, someone could fulfill Marina’s dreams.

In a video, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne road trip to Portland. Riddle has to teach Pete how to drive on the right side of the road. They get pulled over and their car gets towed.

Backstage, Angel Garza and Lio Rush argue backstage. Rush says that he’s not the same guy that Garza beat back in December.

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Candice dodges a Bicycle Kick. Kai sends LeRae into the corner and hits a Yakuza Kick. LeRae comes back with an enzuigiri. Kai retreats from the ring. LeRae hits a series of dives. LeRae gets Kai back in the ring for a nearfall.

Kai fights back and chokes LeRae in the corner. Kai and LeRae battle on the top rope. Kai wins the battle and chokes LeRae on the ropes. LeRae’s nose is busted open. LeRae dodges a kick. Kai sends LeRae crashing to the floor. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, LeRae hits an Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker. LeRae misses an Asai Moonsault. Candice dodges a kick and hits a Ballsplex. LeRae locks in Gargano Escape. Kai counters with a rollup for the pinfall in 9:31.

WINNER: Dakota Kai

After the match, LeRae tried to get revenge on Kai but Kai fought back. Tegan Nox ran in and got into a wild pull apart brawl with Tegan Nox. We then are shown Johnny Gargano & Cameron Grimes getting into a squabble at a recent live event.

Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes

Gargano grounds Grimes to start. They trade holds. Gargano hits a series of Armdrags. Gargano locks in Gargano Escape. Grimes finally fights out and hits a knee to the gut. Grimes stretches Gargano’s arm.

Gargano hits a hurricanrana and a dropkick. Gargano sends Grimes to the outside and hits an apron superkick. Gargano hits an apron run cannonball. Gargano chops Grimes on the outside.

Back in the ring, Grimes fights back and hits a lariat. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Grimes sends Gargano into the corner and hits a German Suplex for a nearfall. Grimes counters a Slingshot Spear. Gargano rolls up Grimes for two. Gargano comes back with a flurry of offense and a lariat. Gargano hits a Slingshot Spear for a nearfall.

Grimes counters a Schoolboy Superkick. Gargano gets a nearfall from a rollup. Grimes hits a huge slam for a nearfall. Grimes hits Collision Course for a nearfall. Gargano hits a huge DDT. Grimes hits a Superkick. Gargano hits a hot shot. Gargano hits La Mistica, into a Gargano Escape for the submission in 13:22.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano

Backstage, Adam Cole consoles an angry Roderick Strong, and then says he’s going to teach KUSHIDA a lesson. He then says he’s gonna…teach Tommaso Ciampa a lesson. Adam Cole is apparently a school teacher now.

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne are shown riding a Swan Boat with their trophy, to brainstorm how to get to Portland. Matt Riddle has an idea and yells “LIGHTBULB!”

Back from commercial, Robert Stone and Chelsea Green deliver a message to Kayden Carter from Robert Stone Brand headquarters.

WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Match: Angel Garza vs. Lio Rush

Garza rips off his pants to start. They trade counters. Garza hits a dropkick. Garza dominates with kicks. Garza pummels Rush in the corner. Garza hits a Tree of Woe Penalty Kick.

They battle on the apron. Garza dodges a moonsault and slams Rush into the turnbuckle post. Garza hangs Rush on the barricade and hits a Penalty Kick to the back. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Lio Rush hits a Tope Suicida. Rush hits an Asai Corkscrew Senton. They both roll back in the ring. Rush hits a spinning Enzuigiri for a nearfall. They trade kicks. Garza counters The Come Up with a dropkick to the back. Garza hits a Facebuster for a nearfall.

Rush fights out of an Avalanche Wingclipper with a series of headbutts. Rush hits an Avalanche Ace Crusher. Garza rolls out of the ring. Rush hits Final Hour to the outside of the ring.

Rush rolls Garza back in the ring. Garza counters Final Hour. Garza rolls up Rush for a nearfall. Garza hits a Superkick. Rush counters a Wingclipper with a Small Package for the pinfall in 10:25.

WINNER: Lio Rush

After the match, Jordan Devlin comes out with the Cruiserweight Title. Devlin congratulates Rush and says Rush is the next stop on the “Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Title Tour.”

We are then sent to a Mark Henry-narrated video about Dominick Dijakovic and Keith Lee, and how they’re changing the game for big men.

Bianca Belair vs. Santana Garrett

Belair tackles Garrett to start. Belair hits a Handspring Moonsault. Belair hits a Double Chickenwing slam. Belair hits Kiss of Death for the pinfall in 0:37.

WINNER: Bianca Belair

Belair gets on the microphone and bemoans Rhea Ripley ignoring her. Ripley interrupts. Ripley assures Belair that she’s not “looking past” her, she’s looking “right at” her. Ripley says she’ll go right through Belair. They trade elbows. Belair hits Kiss of Death and stands tall over Ripley.

Matt Riddle shows Pete Dunne a private jet. They load the Dusty Rhodes trophy into the jet, and then Matt shoves Dunne into the cargo hold. Riddle then climbs into the cargo hold. It is revealed the plane is Triple H’s.

Back from commercial, and Tommaso Ciampa ruminates on giving up the WWE NXT Championship in the very auditorium that he relinquished the belt.


They lock up. They trade holds. KUSHIDA takes top control and sends Cole to the outside. KUSHIDA hits a basement dropkick. Cole fights back and throws KUSHIDA into the steel stairs. KUSHIDA counters an Apron Panama Sunrise with an armbar on the floor.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA dominates with stiff kicks. KUSHIDA sends Cole to the apron. KUSHIDA hits a handspring kick. Cole dodges a baseball slide and goes on the offensive. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, and KUSHIDA is back in charge. KUSHIDA hits a handspring back elbow. KUSHIDA hits an armdrag and a cartwheel dropkick. Cole retreats to the apron. Cole dodges a smash into the post, but gets knocked off the top rope. Cole fights out of Hoverboard Lock. KUSHIDA hits a Diving DDT. KUSHIDA locks in a Cross Armbreaker.

Cole fights out of Hoverboard Lock. Cole hits Shining Wizard for a nearfall. They trade kicks. Cole hits a Superkick. KUSHIDA hits a baseball punch. Cole hits a Brainbuster onto the Knee. Cole gets a nearfall. Cole hits a Superkick for a nearfall.

KUSHIDA counters Panama Sunrise with Hoverboard Lock. They trade nearfalls. KUSHIDA breaks Cole’s fingers. KUSHIDA hits Kawada Kicks. Cole gets a nearfall. Cole hits Last Shot for the pinfall in 12:53.

WINNER: Adam Cole

After the match, Tommaso Ciampa comes out and stares down Cole and the title belt.

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