WWE NXT Results (2/5): Charlotte Returns Home, Undisputed Era Targets Ciampa


WWE NXT Results
February 5, 2020
Winter Park, FL

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Show opens with The Broserweights celebrating and recapping their magical road to Takeover: Portland. O’Reilly & Fish interrupt. O’Reilly and Fish are talked out of attacking Riddle & Dunne by Roderick Strong. Riddle starts a “How much Fish would Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish” chant, and Dunne says they’re going to “smoke” The Undisputed Era.

Angel Garza vs. Isaiah Scott

Scott sends Garza into the corner. They trade dodges. They trade holds. Garza maintains dominance. Scott comes back with a springboard hurricanrana. Garza rolls out of the ring. Scott counters Garza’s counter to the tope. Garza counters a handspring tope with a superkick.

Back from commercial, Garza hits a Chickenwing Facesam. Garza hits a Superkick for a nearfall. Scott fights back with a Flatliner for two. Scott maintains dominance but eats a Superkick from Garza. They trade chops. Garza headbutts Scott. Scott comes back with an Inverted Iconoclasm. Scott gets to the top rope but Garza comes back with a springboard enzuigiri. Scott gets distracted by Garza’s pants. Scott hits House Call for a nearfall.

Garza counters a half-and-half suplex. Garza crotches Scott on the top rope. Garza hits the Wingclipper for the pinfall in 10:37.

WINNER: Angel Garza.

After the match, Angel Garza gloats over his wins over Carillo & Mysterio. He calls out Jordan Devlin.

Back from commercial, a Mercedes Martinez hype video plays.

Dominick Dijakovic vs. Killian Dain

Dain charges Dijakovic. They take turns overpowering each other. Dain clotheslines Dijakovic out of the ring. Dijakovic sends Dain into the steps and hits a Cannonball. He rolls Dain back in the ring. Dain hits a crossbody. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and the two big men are still throwing each other around like children. DD gets a nearfall off a chokebomb. Dain comes back with a Superplex.  Dane dodges a moonsault. Dain hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Dain hits a Senton. Dijakovic counters the Vaderbomb with Feast Your Eyes for the pinfall in 8:13.

WINNER: Dominick Dijakovic

After the match, Lee and Dijakovic stare down. Backstage, The Undisputed Era beat up KUSHIDA and Bronson Reed, while looking for Ciampa.


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