WWE NXT Results (2/14): Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler, Pete Dunne Defends UK Title, TM61 in Action & More


WWE NXT Results
February 14, 2018

– A video package airs recapping the budding rivalry between NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon and the MMA trailblazer Shayna Baszler, with clips of their match at Takeover: Philadelphia.

WWE UK Championship Match

Nice back and forth grappling as they feel each other out a bit to get started. Dunne took it to the floor as soon as he could and whipped the challenger into the barricade, then started to target his elbow and shoulder, stomping away at it between the steel steps. Dunne tried to smash his arm under the steps but Strong fired up, dropping the champ with a big back suplex right on the unforgiving metal!

The crowd breaks into a split “LET’S GO RODDY / BRUISERWEIGHT” chant as the challenger rolls back into the ring and connects with a double knee backbreaker. They start trading chops and slaps in the corner before Roddy nails him with a boot to the jaw, following up with yet another backbreaker. Up to the top turnbuckle they go with Strong looking for a potentially lethal super backbreaker, but Dunne raked the eyes out of desperation and sent him crashing down hard on the ring apron (the hardest part of the ring, if you haven’t heard).

After a brief commercial break we come back to both guys just beating the living hell out of each other. Strong planted a few big kicks in the corner, but Dunne fired right back with brutal elbow shots to the temple. The Bruiserweight flipped off the turnbuckles and transitioned into an armbar in a great looking spot, but didn’t go for the submission in favor of snapping Strong’s arm like a twig instead. Sit-out powerbomb connects, but he could only get two.

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AEW Dynamite Results (12/11)

Dunne climbed the ropes in a rare sight looking to put things away, but he came down into a beautiful dropkick from the challenger that caught him right on the jaw. Both guys slowly pull themselves up in the ropes and start teeing off with rolling elbows and chops, back and forth until they had no energy left. Backbreaker from Strong out of nowhere with more burst of energy, but his arm is shot and he didn’t get all of it. He tried for it again but the champion countered into a wicked Saito suplex nearly dropping Roddy on his head! The 24-year-old champion went for an armbar for the second time, getting a little high angle elevation on this one, but somehow the challenger was able to hulk him up high into the air and drop him down on the second rope, in an innovative spot.

They slowly battled up to the top rope – SUPER OLYMPIC SLAM CONNECTS FOR RODDY! 1…2… Dunne kicks out! Strong is out of his mind now but doesn’t lose focus, hitting yet another backbreaker and sending the champion flying into the bottom rope. Dunne defiantly gets back up and throws chops, but is leveled with running big boot. Tiger Bomb connects! Strong Hold coming, but he’s having trouble keeping the submission locked in with the bad arm. Dunne with a rake to the eyes, a kick to the temple, and the Bitter End! 1…2…3.

Winner and Still Champion: Pete Dunne

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