WWE NXT Results (3/4): A Night Of Steel Cage Matches, Undisputed Era In Action


After the commercial, another Killer Kross hype video plays. Johnny Gargano then sits down with Mauro Ranallo in the Performance Center, Johnny Gargano basically rants and raves about wanting to have his moment. He forces Mauro Ranallo to apologize for calling him “Johnny Turncoat.” Mauro walks away from the interview.

Gargano grabs the camera and says that next week, “we do things my way….the Johnny Gargano way.”

MAIN EVENT: Steel Cage Match: Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong

They come to blows to start the match. They absolutely brawl all over the ring. Both men trade counters to the others signature moves. Dream gets the upperhand, but goes crashing into the side of the cage.

They trade blows. Strong chops away at Dream on the ropes. Dropkick from Dream gets back the momentum. Marina Shafir runs to ringside and gives him a singapore cane. He smacks Dream with it. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Dream is pulling Strong from the top of the cage.  Dream lowblows Strong, sending him to the canvas. Strong tries to block Purple Rainmaker, but Dream counters the counter with a Boston Crab. Strong fights out and locks in Stronghold. Dream counters with a rollup for a nearfall.

Dream sends Strong into the cage. Dream dropkicks Strong into the cage. Strong fights back and throws Dream into the cage. Strong grabs the cane. Dream counters with a gut kick. Strong hits a Kendo Stick Low Blow Backbreaker.

Strong tries to leave but Dream pulls down Strong’s tights. Both men battle on the top rope. Strong hits an Avalanche Angle Slam. Strong crawls into a pinfall for a nearfall.

Both men try to escape. Dream hits a series of Dream Valley Drivers. Dream climbs to the top of the cage. Undisputed Era come to ringside with weapons. Dream leaps to the canvas and grabs a stick. Dream keeps the Undisputed Era from getting in the ring. Cole makes it in the ring, but gets tossed off the top rope.

Strong tries to escape during the madness. Dream almost stops Strong but then shoves him out of the match for the win in 13:01.

WINNER: Roderick Strong.

Dream locks the cage door and attacks Adam Cole. Dream stops Strong from getting back in the cage, wailing on both men with the Kendo Stick. Dream sends Cole into Strong. Dream hits Cole with a Dream Valley Driver on a steel chair. Dream holds up the NXT Championship. Dream hits Cole with the belt.

Dream stands over Adam Cole with the title belt. Dream climbs to the top of the cage, wearing the belt on is shoulder to end the show.

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