WWE NXT Results 4/10/14


A graphic aired in memory of Warrior… The opening video played… Adam Rose made his entrance into the NXT Arena along with the Exotic Express, which now includes three guys in colored fat suits. Danny Burch was already waiting in the ring.

1. Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch. The crowd broke out in a chant of Adam Rose’s theme music before the two competitors locked up. Rose backed between the ropes and peddled the imaginary bicycle before connecting with a kick and taking control. The crowed chanted “Adam Rose” as Rose grounded Burch with an armlock. Burch broke free and landed several shots, but Rose fired up with a combination of punches, the Bronco Buster, a spinebuster, and hit The Slice for the win…

Adam Rose beat Danny Burch in about 2:45.

A replay recapped last week’s main event between Sami Zayn and Corey Graves. Backstage, Devin Taylor welcomed referee Shawn Bennett. Bennett said safety of competitors is his number one priority. He said he determined that Zayn was incapable of continuing so he made the call he made… Corey Graves was interviewed next and he essentially said that things between he and Zayn were only getting started…

Bayley made her entrance to a good reaction and a loud “Bayley” chant. Sasha Banks was out next to more heat than she’s ever gotten before.

2. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley. Sasha took control early and went for several quick pin attempts to no avail. She stayed in control and settled into a straight-jacket choke around the two-minute mark. Moments later, Bayley began a comeback with several axe handles, a stinger splash, and a diving reverse elbow. The two traded momentum before Bayley connected with the Belly-to-Bayley for the win…

Bayley defeated Sasha Banks in about 3:15.

Scott Stanford hyped that Mojo Rawley would be in action next… [C]

Sylvester Lefort made his entrance. Mojo Rawley was out next.

3. Mojo Rawley vs. Sylvester Lefort. Mojo went right after Lefort. He hit a couple of stinger splashes and Hyperdrive for the win.

Mojo Rawley squashed Sylvester Lefort in about 0:45.

Post-match, Brodus Clay made his way to the ring with Lefort still down. Clay hit a powerbomb which elicited a “better than Batista” chant. He crushed Lefort with his diving splash before taking a mic. He said he’s heard John Cena and Triple H praise Adrian Neville, meanwhile he hasn’t gotten a second of their attention. He called out Neville, who answered the call a short time later.

Neville said that for a big-time player, Clay sure does a lot of complaining. He said that Clay had his opportunities, but the difference between them is that Neville doesn’t waste his opportunities. Clay told Neville he had a big bark for a little dog, and Neville replied that he expected Clay to be taller. They squared off and Neville pumped up, but Clay ducked out of the ring and backed up the ramp…

Backstage, Devin Taylor welcomed Oliver Gray onto the set and welcomed him back to NXT after nearly a year away due to injury. He was interrupted by Camacho. Camacho turned his focus towards Adam Rose and called him a freak. He carried on before Oliver Gray said he couldn’t think of a better way to make his return than to face Camacho next week…

Scott Stanford hyped that they would give an exclusive look at the NXT Superstars competing at WrestleMania Axxess… [C]

A video package recapped the NXT Superstars appearing at WrestleMania Axxess.

Backstage, Devin Taylor welcomed The Great Khali to NXT. He talked about how happy he was to be there before Bayley hugged him from behind and marveled at how tall he was. CJ Parker walked on set and said he hoped Khali recycles because he creates ten-times the waste of a normal man. Khali ranted in Punjabi, which Bayley translated as Khali challenging Parker to a match next week… [C]

Bo Dallas made his entrance. He took a mic and said that many people believe they’re next in line for a title shot, but the Bo-lievers cannot be silenced. Bo referenced Daniel Bryan’s Occupy Raw segment, and said that if it worked for the B+ player, it’d work for him. “The Bo Movement is here!” Bo exclaimed. He requested that the members of the Bo Movement stand together and let their voices be heard as they Occupy NXT. The crowd turned their backs to the ring and chanted “No!” “I gave you Cookies!” Bo vented. “I was YOUR champion! This stinks!” He yelled. He flipped out and left the ring, berating fans at ringside as he paced around the ring. [C]

Back from break, Bo was sitting in the ring crying and yelling about how much he did for the fans. They broke out in the loudest “no more Bo” ever. Bo tried to convince himself that they were chanting “let’s go Bo,” before NXT GM JBL interrupted. JBL said it was a pathetic attempt. He said Bo didn’t have enough Bo-lievers to occupy a see-saw. Funny. He said that he did have an opponent for Bo, however, before introducing Justin Gabriel.

4. Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel. Gabriel went right after Bo, which led to Bo taking an extended powder. The crowd broke out in a loud “we want cookies” chant while they waited. Bo re-entered the ring and quickly settled into a side headlock, but Gabriel came right back with one of his own. Gabriel hit some sloppy offense which led to another break at ringside for Bo.

Gabriel went after him, but that allowed Bo to take control by yanking Gabriel down across the top rope. Bo went to work on Gabriel at ringside and continued his attack in the ring. On commentary, Albert called Bo’s offense “slow and methodical” which is putting it kindly. Bo hit his short-arm back elbow strikes and a hard clothesline for a two-count.

Around the seven-minute mark, Gabriel reversed a whip into the corner and landed several leg kicks and a jumping heel kick. He reversed a back-body drop attempt and connected with another flurry of strikes. Gabriel hit a stinger splash, but went over the top rope and landed on the apron where he followed up with a springboard crossbody for two. Gabriel hit the ropes, but after several reversals, Bo dropped Gabriel with an inverted DDT.

Gabriel came right back with a Northern Lights suplex for two, but missed a springboard Moonsault. Seconds later, Bo connected with the snap double-arm DDT for the win.

Bo Dallas pinned Justin Gabriel in about 10:15.

A replay showed the highlights and finish of the match. The show closed with Bo smiling big in the middle of the ring…

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