WWE NXT Results (5/29): Takeover Go-Home Show, Kushida In Action, Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair & More


WWE NXT Results
May 29, 2019

— Mauro Ranallo welcomes us back to Full Sail University, alongside Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix on commentary this evening, as the “Blasian Baddie” Mia Yim makes her way to the ring to get things started with a little action.


Mia is not messing around this week, hitting a quick dropkick right out of the gate before talking all kinds of trash. Belair scoops her up and takes her to the mat, working the ground-and-pound until Mia turns the tide and hits a cannonball splash in the corner. She set in with a series of stiff kicks to the chest but went to the well a few too many times, as Belair got the leg and caught her opponent in a modified Full Nelson on the mat. Belair worked Mia over for a few minutes with strikes and cheap shots in the corner, in between big power moves including a military press slam and a few standing dropkicks. She tried for a Chickenwing Facebuster but Yim rolled through into a small package for her first nearfall, but the EST was right back on her. Yim would eventually mount her comeback with wild strikes, before sending her opponent hard into the turnbuckle post. She hit the Code Red followed by Eat Defeat, which should have been enough, but Belair fell out of the ring and started crawling up the ramp to try and save herself. Mia of course went out after her and ended up getting thrown into the steel steps, but managed to roll back into the ring just before the ref’s 10-count. Belair threw her around the ring by her hair a few times, went for a powerbomb, but Mia countered out and hit a second Eat Defeat! 1…2…3.

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Winner: Mia Yim

— Commentary runs down the match between Velveteen Dream and Tyler Breeze set to take place this Saturday at NXT Takeover, before throwing to a video package. Dream records a promo with a selfie stick while airing footage of all Breeze’s old NXT accomplishments, building up to him basically getting buried on the main roster.

— We’re reminded of what happened last week when the Four Horsewomen attacked Candice LeRae after her match, and Io Shirai making the save with a kendo stick, brutally assaulting all three of them.

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