June 24th, 2020


WWE NXT kicks off with an incident that took place one hour before the show with Cameron Grimes telling WWE cameras to go check on Damian Priest, who can be seen laying out of his car complaining of back problems.


Cameron then makes his way to the ring complaining about how Priest is going to no-show the match, putting himself over for wrestling with a broken jaw thanks to Priest. He asks a referee to ring the bell, but Priest appears, taped up and makes his way to the ring.

But just as he gets in, Grimes attacks him straight away, getting another advantage. Yet when the bell rings, Grimes runs straight into a big right hand from Priest who then beats down on Grimes in the corner. Priest looks for a Chokeslam but Grimes fights out of that, only to then run into a big boot.

Priest tries to keep the momentum going but he misses with the splash and hurts his back, with Grimes adding further pressure to the area. However, Priest manages to connect with the Chokeslam, despite his back issues, but he isn’t able to get the cover as Cameron Grimes rolls out of the ring.

Outside the ring, Priest cannot connect with the Razors Edge, and Grimes then hits his finisher with the Cave In to the floor. Damien Priest just beats the 10 count, but he is hit with the Cave In for a second time, and Grimes secures the victory.

Winner: Cameron Grimes


Rhea Ripley is shown arriving, and Robert Stone shows up asking for a second of her time. He says that when she threw him in the trash, it was tough love. He reveals that Aliyah has officially signed with him, and he says he doesn’t do second chances, but Rhea gets one. However, once again, Ripley makes her answer clear, dumping Robert into the trash again.

Aliyah then appears asking who she thinks she is and Aliyah then decides to slap Ripley, which is something she instantly regrets as Ripley says she will see her in the ring.


Timothy Thatcher’s training school continues to be showcased as he gives more lessons and puts his trainees through some brutal submissions. Thatcher tells them the most important thing is that they all had fun.


Jake Atlas takes the fight to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship early on, connecting with a crossbody. Atlas then keeps up the attack in the corner and he then smartly bounces off the ropes to follow up with an arm drag as he keeps impressing early on.

Escobar sends Atlas onto the ring apron, but he then eats another big boot. However, both Wilde and Mendoza provide a distraction on the outside which allows Escobar to catch Atlas, launching him into the plexiglass. As they get back into the ring, Escobar finally gains control, happily grounding Atlas, connecting with a sharp kick and then a major back elbow.

However, Atlas continues to fight back, hitting several rights and lefts and then a big splash into the corner. Atlas hits a nice scoop slam and a standing moonsault, but the champion kicks out just in time. Escobar escapes to the outside and Atlas takes advantage, leaping from the top turnbuckle to take out Wilde and Mendoza.

Atlas then plants the champion down to the mat in the middle of the ring, but somehow Escobar kicks out. He then looks to go to the top rope, but Escobar takes him off, connects with a knee to the head and then hits the Phantom Driver.

Winner: Santos Escobar

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