WWE NXT Results (7/17): Adam Cole Defends, Kushida vs Apollo Crews, Matt Riddle in Action, Breakout Tournament


WWE NXT Results
July 17, 2019

— Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to Full Sail University and reminds us that NXT Takeover Toronto is just four weeks away. Adam Cole defends the NXT Championship later on tonight, the Breakout Tournament wraps up its first round, Apollo Crews returns and more!


Some good back-and-forth grappling early on with Ruas showing off an impressive ground game, going hold-for-hold with the former UFC fighter. He slapped on an armbar but Riddle reversed the hold and applied one of his own, until they brawled into the ropes to break it up. Ruas started throwing some big kicks, but Riddle blocked them and got slammed back into the mat. He finally connected with a flashy-looking kick and tried to go back for another armbar, but Riddle caught him with a Final Flash knee strike, and immediately rained down brutal right hands to the side of the head until the referee was forced to stop the match. This was short, but great, and worked just like a UFC fight. Ruas was the perfect opponent for Riddle here.

Winner: Matt RIddle

— While Riddle was celebrating his victory, a big man in a hoodie came out and attacked him from behind. It’s Killian Dain! The former Sanity member has returned to NXT, leaving Riddle absolutely broken after slamming him into everything imaginable; the table, barricade, ring post, ring steps, the stage, etc. Dain then finished it off with a running senton splash, actually breaking the stage and leaving Riddle in a bit of rubble to be checked on by a heard of officials and medics.

— The Street Profits are in their dressing room. Ford says it’s really weird that their title belts say “Street Profits” and yet the Undisputed Era thinks, for some reason, that the belts still belong to them. Dawkins tells them they don’t want the smoke, but if they come for them it’s gonna be the same story over and over again – the Street Profits, and still your NXT Tag Team Champions. And that…is Undisputed.

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— We see footage of Mia Yim being assaulted by Shayna Baszler in the parking lot outside of the WWE Performance Center. Baszler threw her into a car then slammed her arm and shoulder with a car door. Nasty.


Lumis has music that’s somewhere between the Dexter and X-Files theme songs, and he comes out and just stares into the camera like a total psycho. Looks like his serial killer gimmick is back. Reed is here to bring Australian Strong-Style to the NXT Universe.

Reed used his size advantage early on with some heavy shoulder tackles, but Lumis sold it like it didn’t have any effect and just gave him a cold, dead stare. They brawled to the outside and the big man connected with a running crossbody on the floor. Lumis fought back and delivered dozens of nasty punches and stomps to the head while screaming out, then slowed things down working a headlock and a nerve hold, alternating in between the two while pummeling him with heavy elbows to the head and body. Reed eventually dug down with a big powerslam, followed by shoulder tackles and a huge back body drop. He looked to put things away, but somehow Lumis hoisted the big man up for a back suplex, and kipped up, going right back to those nasty stomps. He climbed to the top but crashed and burned on the diving senton. Reed planted him with a facebuster and pulled down the straps, which the crowd popped bigtime for. He went to the top rope and hit a monstrous Superfly Splash, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Bronson Reed


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