WWE NXT Results (7/24): Keith Lee vs Damien Priest, Breakout Tournament Semi-Finals


WWE NXT Results
July 24, 2019

— Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix welcome us back to Full Sail University. Tonight we’ve got a semi-final match in the NXT Breakout Tournament, plus a huge main event with Keith Lee returning to the ring against Damien Priest in something of an indie dream collision. We’ll also find out the stipulations for Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano’s Three Stages of Hell match at Takeover.


Dueling chants for both guys to get things started. After a few great back-and-forth exchanges Garza takes out Myles’ knees on the apron and sends him crashing down hard, before darting him into the ring steps. The cocky young star rolls back into the ring and gives the camera a grin before ripping off his break-away pants. He continues to work over Myles’ back with knees and stomps before hitting an Angel’s Wings backbreaker, and locks in a modified Camel Clutch, which Mauro tells us is from the great Gory Guerrero.

Myles eventually fires up and delivers about two dozen stiff kicks to the chest, before hitting a beautiful dropkick to the face. He heads to the top rope and looks to fly, but Garza meets him in mid-air with another incredible dropkick. The two trade heavy chops back-and-forth with the crowd going nuts again with dueling chants. Myles rolls around his opponent and delivers a deadlift German suplex with a bridge, scoring the win.

Winner: Jordan Myles

— Shane Thorne comes out to commentary while Myles is celebrating and steals Mauro’s headset. He complains about NXT debuting 8 new stars while they have him sitting around at home doing nothing. He says he doesn’t need a tournament to “breakout” and will do it all on his own, before storming off.

— Johnny Gargano is interviewed backstage. He says Adam Cole made things personal by involving his family. Gargano claimed this was no longer about winning the title, which he did in New York. We’re beyond that now. He tells Cole to bring weapons, and bring his boys, because the first stipulation of their Three Stages of Hell match will be… a Street Fight!

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This was a total squash match. Li got in maybe one or two shots at the start, but Belair quickly dropped her on her face with the Glam Slam, followed by an impressive military press slam. Li ran out of the corner and got caught with a huge fallaway slam, flying across the ring. Belair could have already ended the match but instead is mocking her opponent, slapping her ass and kicking at the back of her head. She goes for a stalling vertical suplex and does a few squats for good measure. Li countered out of the move and delivered a few kicks out of desperation, but Belair just ran through her with a shoulder tackle. The KOD connects and this one is over.

Winner: Bianca Belair

— NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring and says that the day he gives up his title is the day the Experience dies, and on that day he wants to go straight to hell. He calls out Roderick Strong and admits that he’s a great performer, and was able to get the best of the Dream in their recent six-man tag team match, but he knows Strong can’t go all night long, and he’s not “big enough to ride this ride”. Strong interrupts and says he didn’t believe anything the Dream was saying, but he can take the North American title in the snap of his fingers, any time he wants. He demands to be given what he’s earned – a title shot at NXT Takeover: Toronto. The two are cut off by the return of Pete Dunne! Dunne hits the ring and Strong takes a shot at him, but Dunne catches his hand and snaps his fingers. He rolls into the ring and comes face-to-face with the Velveteen Dream, who raises the title about his head and we have an epic staredown. Strong is the first to bail up the ramp, followed by Dream, and Dunne is left alone looking like a total badass.


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