WWE NXT Results – 7/10/14


The opening video played… In the arena, the camera panned the crowd chanting “NXT” before Bayley made her entrance. The waving tube men were out in full force and Bayley handed out headbands to young fans sitting first-row. The crowd flailed like the tube men when Bayley played to them. Funny. Summer Rae was out next. A loud “Bayley” chant broke out before the bell.

1. Summer Rae vs. Bayley for No. 1 Contendership. Bayley went right after Summer and repeatedly drove her head into the turnbuckles. Bayley reversed a whip in the corner and used a nice lucha armdrag before grounding Summer and doing the amateur spinning trick much to the crowd’s delight. Summer rolled to ringside and then took control back in the ring when Bayley pursued.

Summer grounded Bayley in a unique stretch which was reversed into a rollup, but Summer stayed firmly in control as the crowd pulled for Bayley. Summer hit a kneeling reberse facebuster for a near-fall and then used a rolling headlock takeover. Summer went for a kick, but Bayley caught her leg and whipped her down face-first into the mat. The crowd invented the greatest chant ever which was “Bayley’s gonna hug you” (to the tune of “Joe’s gonna kill you”). Bayley hit a scoop-style suplex, but Summer connected moments later with a spinning heel kick. Bayley fought back and hit a diving reverse elbow off the top rope and looked to hit the Belly-to-Bayley, but Summer reversed with an inverted leg drop bulldog called the Summer Crush for the win.

Summer Rae beat Bayley in about 5:30(?) to become No. 1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte was shown backstage looking unimpressed… The commentators were Rich Brennan, Renee Young, and the returning Jason Albert. They threw to several interview clips… Backstage, Adrian Neville was tending to Zayn after last week’s attack and said what Kidd and Gabriel did was shameful. Zayn said the world is finally seeing the type of guy Kidd is and he’s shocked Gabriel made the turn, but he’s confident because he has Neville on his side… Backstage, Justin Gabriel said that Zayn and Neville don’t have his skill, experience, or looks. He said sometimes to get somewhere in life you have to break some rules. Tyson Kidd walked off without comment… [C]

Back in the arena, Eden announced that Tyler Breeze had entered the building… Sin Cara made his entrance. His opponent was already in the ring.

2. Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake. Cara hit a tope shortly after the minute-mark. Back in the ring, Blake hit a jumping armbar takedown to take control. A short time later, Cara fired up with a springboard crossbody and a high kick from the apron. Cara followed up with the Swanton for the win…

Sin Cara over Wesley Blake in about 3:30.

Backstage, Natalya approached Tyson Kidd about last week’s interview with Renee Young. Kidd called it an ambush and said he didn’t mean for her to feel uncomfortable or at-fault. Nattie said she didn’t want any part of his new attitude. Kidd said the choice is hers… Renee young hyped the main event tag match… [C]

Backstage, Summer was doing her makeup when Sasha Banks approached her. Summer said that after next week, nobody would remember Charlotte. She said that when she becomes the new Women’s Champion, Sasha will want to be her BFF again. She complimented Sasha and left the room…

Back in the arena, CJ Parker made his entrance. HE took a mic and said that he’s not fold of some of the things he said last week. He asked Xavier Woods to come out to the ring, and so he did. Parker said that he didn’t want things to get out of hand between them. He said he got a bit overzealous last week, and he said he’s truly sorry.

Woods recapped that Parker decided to pop off like a 12-year-old. Parker said that he wants to bury the hatchet. He offered peace and suggested Woods accept. He extended one hand and made peace with the other. Woods stuck a peace sign right in Parker’s face but didn’t shake. As Woods turned to leave, Parker attacked him from behind. Referees ran down and Parker left the arena… Bull Dempsey was hyped to be in action next… [C]

A Vaudevillains vignette aired where they agreed that they would soon be the best team in the world and become the champs… In the arena, the commentators put the Vaudevillains over but said it’d be a lot of work to knock off the longest reigning tag team champions. A video package for The Ascension aired… Bull Dempsey made his entrance. His opponent was already waiting in the ring.

3. Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins. Dempsey quickly grounded Dawkins and settle into a – you guessed it! – chinlock. Dawkins attempted a sunset flip, but Dempsey sat on him and went right back to the chinlock. Dempsey put Dawkins down with a headbutt and dropped repeated elbows before grinding his forearm across Dawkins’ face. Dawkins tried to make a comeback with punches and a dropkick, but Dempsey regained control. He hit an avalanche in the corner and the Bulldozer for the win…

Bull Dempsey squashed Angelo Dawkins in about 2:55.

Dempsey took a mic and said he’s a wrecking ball. He said he won’t stop until he’s NXT Champion… Backstage Sami Zayn played the part of interviewer for Adrian Neville. He asked what promped Neville to make the save last week. Neville said they go way back and he’ll always have his back. They did some quick banter before they left the set for the main event… [C]

Back in the arena, Sami Zayn made his entrance. NXT Champion Adrian Neville was out next. Justin Gabriel was out, followed by Tyson Kidd who was walking hand-in-hand with Nattie.

4. Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Neville opened up with some tricky armlock offense on Kidd before tagging out to Zayn. The babyfaces continued to make frequent tags isolating Kidd. Gabriel tagged in shortly before the two-minute mark. There was a great spot where Zayn got down on all fours and allowed Neville to perform a standing corkscrew moonsault off his back onto Gabriel.

Kidd tagged in and briefly took control of Neville before Neville hit his up-and-over handspring into a springboard crossbody. Zayn entered the match, at which point Kidd backed him into his corner. Zayn showed good fight against both heels, but the numbers-advantage proved too much as Kidd dumped Zayn over the top rope and sent him toppling to ringside. [C]

Back in the ring, Gabriel hit a legsweep on Zayn that sent him face-first into the mat. Kidd tagged in and wore Zayn out with repeated punches as Gabriel held the arms. Kidd held Zayn in a camel clutch as Gabriel ran the ropes and hit a sliding dropkick to the face. The crowd chanted “Nattie’s husband” before the heels sandwiched Zayn with soccer kicks to the chest and back. Zayn desperately scrambled to get back to his corner and eventually evaded a stinger splash to make the hot tag.

Neville came in on fire with kicks to Gabriel and then hit a standing SSP for a near-fall. Kidd ate a boot from Neville for trying to enter the ring and then Neville popped Gabriel up and planted him with a sitout powerbomb for another near-fall. Kidd tagged in and went for a springboard maneuver, but Neville killed him with a superkick for another good near-fall. Neville went to the top rope, but Kidd jumped up and Neville crashed hard. Kidd hit a springboard elbow drop, but Zayn broke up the pinfall before three.

Neville tagged out to Zayn before hitting a tope onto Gabriel at ringside as Zayn came off the top with a high crossbody on Kidd in the ring for a great near-fall. Kidd gouged the eyes of Zayn, but Zayn dumped him over the top rope and then fired up before wiping out the three other guys with a tope con hilo. Zayn rolled Kidd back in the ring, but Kidd heavily sold his knee and rolled to the corner where Natalya consoled him. There was a scuttlebutt where Nattie was knocked off the ring apron by Kidd accidentally. Both Zayn and Kidd sold shock in the ring and acted like they were going to go check on her, but Kidd quickly rolled Zayn up from behind and secured the win.

Kidd and Gabriel defeated Neville and Zayn in about 11:00.

Kidd rolled to the ramp and celebrated in Bo Dallas fashion before scrambling over to Natalya and pretending to console her. A replay showed the turn of events that led to the finish and Zayn and Neville sold disappointment in the ring. The show closed with Kidd yelling “I did it!” from the top of the ramp, again much like Bo Dallas.

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