WWE NXT Results (8/28): Keith Lee vs Dijakovic, Tag Team Titles on the Line, Io Shirai Returns to Action, More


WWE NXT Results
August 28, 2019
Winter Park, FL

Tonight the Street Profits will put the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line against The Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in a rematch from Takeover: Toronto.

Match #1 – Io Shirai vs. Casey Fields

Shirai delivers a kick to the jaw and a running elbow in the corner. Fields delivers a few forearms to the chest and tries to send Io flying with a back drop, but Io lands on her feet and drops Fields with a Shotei. Double knees connects in the corner. The best moonsault in the world is delivered. 1…2… Io pulls her shoulders off the mat with a wicked smile on her face, then locks in a Koji Clutch to get the instant submission.

Winner: Io Shirai

Io refuses to let up the hold after getting the win. After she finally lets the poor girl go, she returns to the ring, grabs a kendo stick and proceeds to beat the hell out of Fields. Candice LeRae runs out from the back with her own kendo stick, but Io bails from the ring to safety.

Match #2 – Keith Lee vs. Dominic Dijakovic

The crowd sets in right away with “Oh, Bask in His Glory” chants. Dijak delivers some heavy blows and hits the ropes, but Lee somehow leapfrogs over him and delivers a stiff shoulder block. Lee gives him some Mongolian chops but turns around into a huge big boot. That’ll set the pace here for a bit as Dijak takes applies a side headlock and begins to deliver body blows while working his opponent over.

Lee tries to get the big man up for a suplex, can’t do it, and settles for an enzuigiri and a rolling elbow shot instead. He runs the ropes and hits a monstrous lariat for two and some change. Dijak rolls to the apron and tries to fight back with some right hands, but runs into a pop-up one-handed Spinebuster, his ribs landing hard on the edge of the apron.

Both guys are slow to rise and begin hammering away at each other with clubbing blows, without breaking eye contact. They’re literally just beating the hell out of each other until one of them quits. Turns out it’ll be Lee as Dijak delivers a superkick that sends the big man to the floor, then LEEPS OVER THE ROPES – Fosbury Flop from the 6’7 mountain of a man! Dijak goes outside and rolls his opponent back into the ring, then throws him clear across the ring. He hits to the top rope, hits a huge moonsault and that should do it. 1…2…NO!

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Dijak is clearly exhausted but tempts fate again going to the top rope. Lee catches him with heavy chops and blows to the back. The two trade shots back and forth while they wobble on the ropes and Mauro Ranallo loses his shit on commentary. I believe he described it as “more unstable than a baby on a horse”. God bless you, Maruo. Finally Lee manages to hit the biggest Avalanche Spanish Fly you’ve ever seen, but Dijak kicks out at two-and-three-quarters. Loud “NXT” chants from the crowd.

Lee once again goes to the top and hammers Dijak with kicks to the face to send him back down. He sets up for the Moonsault, but Dijak superkicks his knees out, hoists him up onto his shoulders, and delivers an absolutely beautiful(ly sickening) Feast Your Eyes to win. It’s an Argentine GTS for those wondering.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

A video package takes a comprehensive look back on the history of Johnny Gargano in WWE NXT so far. It shows the crowd saying goodbye to him and Candice after the last Takeover special, and they heavily tease that we’ll find out “what’s next” for Johnny Wrestling in the weeks to come.

We look back on last week where Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen attacked Mia Yim – or rather she attacked them prematurely in order to not be murdered by all of them. Mia finds William Regal and he doesn’t seem to care, stating that she had her opportunity and lost.


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