WWE NXT Results (9/4): Adam Cole Defends the NXT Championship


WWE NXT Results
September 4, 2019

Fandango and Tyler Breeze have returned with a brand new entrance theme, going all-in on the Fashion Police gimmick. At least 200% more pelvic thrusting than before.


The unknowns entire gimmick seems to be that they came to the ring with their hands in the air. They do the Best Friends hug before the match. Breezango works over one of them with ease. Breeze hits a running forearm and does his pose on the top rope, taking a nap. I believe it’s Parker who gets the hot tag and the unknowns briefly take control, working over Breeze with quick tags. Fandango gets the hot tag and cleans house. After a few combos they hit Martel with a finisher called the Fashion Faux Pas and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: Breezango

More pelvic thrusting from Fandango after the match.

We head backstage where Io Shirai is beating the absolute hell out Candice LeRae again with a kendo stick. She is super mad.

Cameron Grimes is in… a greenhouse? I don’t know. Somewhere outside. There are vines on the ground. He’s upset over losing the Breakout Tournament and says the NXT Championship is all he’s ever wanted and it’s still his goal going forward.

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Reeves shows a lot more personality and aggression early on, going right after the North American champion with big right hands and a running bicycle kick. He stays right on top of Dream with clubbing clubs, just huge right hands while screaming in his face. I’m not sure what got into Kona here, but I like it. Dream finally rallies back with short-arm clotheslines, but Reeves rolls him up with a handful of tights and grabbing the ropes. The ref saw it just before three. Dream connects with a superkick while he was busy yelling at the referee, then a second. Dream Valley Driver connects. This was actually a REALLY fun match for being like 3 minutes long and the most I’ve ever liked Kona Reeves.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream

Dream is celebrating his victory but Roderick Strong shows up on the tron and starts yelling his name. He says that he’s ready for that “one-on-one experience” Dream was talking about, and asks if he has everyone’s attention now. They pan down and Dream’s couch is sitting there on fire as Strong poses.


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