WWE NXT Results (9/4): Adam Cole Defends the NXT Championship


We see footage of last week where Rhea Ripley debuted and went face-to-face with Shayna Baszler, making the NXT Women’s Champion back down. It’s announced that they will wrestle next week.


Conti delivers a few knees to the mid section before trying for an early cross armbar, but Belair powers her up into a powerbomb. Belair does a backflip then flips off the ring post, avoiding her opponent, and connects with a running dropkick. She rushes Conti looking for the double knees, but crashes and burns. Belair blocks an axe kick with a roll-up for a nearfall. Conti finally gets the cross armbar locked in but they end up rolling into the ropes and falling to the floor. She heads to the top rope and flies off all the way to the floor, but Belair catches her LIKE A BEAST and tosses her with a fallaway slam on the outside. She rolls her opponent back into the ring and hits a handspring splash to Conti’s back, then tries to lift her up, but Conti struggles free with knees to the head. Belair fights back and hits the KOD to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

William Regal announces that next week’s show will see Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair in a triple threat match, with the winner getting a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship.


The champion starts off in control, working a headlock for a few minutes while showing off for the crowd. Myles takes over the hold and shows he can hang, but Cole breaks free and stomps him down in the corner. Myles ducks a clothesline and delivers a dropkick that sends him to the floor, then flips over the ropes and… crashes and burns, as Cole gets out of the way. The champ throws him HARD into the ring post, then rolls him back into the ring and bashes his head into the ropes. Damn. That’s literally how Enzo got knocked out that one time…

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After a few beats Myles manages to rally back into the match and connect with a series of deadlift German suplex bridges. He looks to fly but Cole rolls back into the ring and nearly kills him with a Claymore Kick. The champion follows with the Ushigoroshi before putting him on the ropes and nailing another superkick. The Figure Four is applied and Myles stretches out for the ropes, and eventually gets there to break the hold. Another Ushigoroshi connects, but it’s still not enough to finish off the challenger.

Cole is pissed off now and wants to put this one away. He loses focus though and Myles sends him to the outside, then connects with a beautiful suicide dive like a damn Shinobi. He follows with a massive Superfly Frog Splash for two-and-a-half. Myles is back to his feet first and delivers a superkick to a seated opponent. Back to the top rope for the 450 Splash (called the Midnight Star) but Cole gets his knees up to block it. Cole with a superkick. Another superkick. A third to the back of the head! The Shining Wizard hits! 1…2…3.

Winner & Still Champion: Adam Cole

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