WWE NXT Results: Dream Defends North American Title, Fatal 4-Way Contender’s Match, Street Fight


Head on over to the WWE Network for hour two of this week’s broadcast. If you’re watching internationally, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for the full show to be uploaded.

The Undisputed Era is still celebrating on the stage as they run recaps of what happened in the show’s first hour.


Ruaz actually surprised the veteran with a flying takedown into a cross armbar right out of the gate. Dunne broke free and sent him into the ropes, delivering a nasty lariat you could hear echoing around the building. Loud “Bruiserweight” chants rang out as Dunne started working over his wrist, manipulating the digits and stomping away. Ruaz came back with palm strikes and a knee lift, followed by a capoeira kick before getting the front mount for a little bit of ground and pound. Very stiff, MMA-style offense from Ruaz here in a very impressive debut. Dunne takes a bunch of kicks but eventually catches his bare foot and tries to break his ankle. Dunne hits a double stomp on his fingers followed by a PK and the X-Plex, but it wasn’t enough to win. He locks in a front-mounted triangle choke, but Ruaz somehow manages to roll out of it and deliver a huge German suplex bridge for two-and-a-half. A cartwheel kick connects and he slaps on a cross armbreaker, breaks his fingers and wrenches away on them until Ruaz is forced to submit.

Winner: Pete Dunne

It’s been officially confirmed that Shayna Baszler vs. Candice LeRae for the NXT Women’s Championship has been confirmed for two weeks from now on October 2. For those keeping track at home, that will go head-to-head with the AEW on TNT debut where they will also have a women’s title match.


Aliyah goes for the hair early but Li takes her down with a series of quick kicks and a running forearm strike. She comes off the second rope and seems to have slipped a bit, but still caught her opponent with at least some of a spin kick. Aliyah gets back up and Li just kind of… shoves her over. Tornado Kick connects, and this one’s over.

Winner: Xia Li

We go backstage where Oney Lorcan is warming up. He’ll be in action tonight against… Lio Rush! The former WWE mouthpiece is here, and he’ll battle Lorcan with a future Cruiserweight Championship opportunity hanging in the balance.


DeJournette makes his way to the ring, but before things can get started, he is surrounded by Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel from the NXT UK brand. The trio known as Imperium absolutely murder the newcomer while the crowd chants “We want WALTER!” and “Where is WALTER?”

WALTER’s music sounds and the NXT UK Champion slowly makes his way to the ring to the loudest pop of the night. Imperium takes their place in the center of the ring, and WALTER calls the mat a “sacred” place. He claims the Imperium are here to bring honor back to the ring, but is interrupted by… KUSHIDA!

The Time Splitter bravely approaches the ring as the fans chant his name. He says that this is his time, and now WALTER’s time belongs to him. Imperium rushes him and he manages to shake off the trio and send them from the ring, but WALTER easily slams him down hard with one hand. KUSHIDA manages to escape and runs back up the ramp, flashing a smile at the UK champion as he takes his leave.


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