WWE NXT Results: Dream Defends North American Title, Fatal 4-Way Contender’s Match, Street Fight



Lorcan rushes the corner with some brutal uppercuts and slams as soon as the bell sounds, and levels his opponent with a Blockbuster at the 10-second mark to score an early nearfall. He tries for a half-and-half suplex but Rush counters with an armdrag sending him to the floor, then connects with one… two… three consecutive suicide dives!

Back in the ring Rush uses the ropes to deliver a flying headscissors, then ducks a lariat with a Matrix back bend. He hits a running dropkick as the fans get behind him with loud chants. Rush sets in with kicks to the chest, but Lorcan catches him with a Dragonscrew before taking things to the corner with some loud knife-edge chops. Rush ends up hanging in the ropes awkwardly allowing Lorcan to have his way with uppercut after uppercut until the kid is basically jelly on legs.

Lorcan with another big uppercut that sends his opponent to the floor. After taking his time laying in a few shots, he managed to hoist Rush up for a deadlift gutwrench powerbomb for a two-count. He slaps on a single-leg crab and works the submission, torquing the knee and the ankle as well for good measure. Rush battles back with kicks and gets free, but Lorcan chops the hell out of him and goes right back to work on the knee.

Rush explodes out of nowhere with a springboard stunner for the closest two-and-a-half count. He goes to the top rope but his knee gave out. Lorcan scoops him up and delivers another powerbomb before once again setting in with the single-leg crab. Rush barely manages to get to the ropes, but he tries to throw a superkick, his knee gives out again and Lorcan goes right back to the submission. He transitions into an STF when he can’t get the win and Rush begins to fade. The ref goes for the bell but Rush at the last second digs down deep and gets his boot on the bottom rope.

Lorcan is pissed and looks to put things away, but Rush surprises him with a series of rapid kicks and a big slap across the face. Lorcan “hulks up” and starts throwing elbow strikes like a madman, but rushes his opponent and runs into a Spanish Fly. Rush heads to the top rope, his knee gives out but he’s able to pull through this time. Frog Splash connects! 1…2…3!

Winner: Lio Rush



Dain rushes the ring but Riddle sends him flying with a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes for the running senton but Dain gets his knees up and the brawl heads to the floor. The toys come out as the Original Bro steels a kendo stick from his opponent, just to get thrown hard over the barricade, landing awkwardly on the concrete. Dain starts bashing him with the kendo stick, then squashes him with a 300-pound senton on the ground.

The action spills to the backstage area and crashes through the Forgotten Sons as they’re trying to do a photo shoot. Riddle delivers some stiff right hands, but Dain hurls him overhead into a production truck. They ended up taking out a table where the Imperium is sitting. WALTER stands up and starts beating the hell out of Riddle.

Imperium swarms both guys until the Forgotten Sons show up and join the brawl. The Street Profits randomly join in as well. There’s probably about 20 pepole just brawling all over the place. Eventually Riddle and Dain make their way back out into the arena, followed by half the locker room as a wild, massive brawl spreads out across Full Sail. Dozens of security guards and referees run out, but this madness is completely off the chain now and they just get taken out in the chaos.

Dain eventually manages to clear the entire ring by literally throwing bodies everywhere, but says “screw it” and hits a suicide dive to take everybody out. Literally everybody. Forgotten Sons are still fighting the Street Profits yelling “we want the smoke!” Mauro Ranallo takes us off the air as the crowd is chanting “NXT!” and half the roster is laying on the floor of the arena.

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