WWE NXT Results (9/19): Pete Dunne vs Ricochet ‘Winner Takes All’ Produces an Instant Classic

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WWE NXT Results

September 19, 2018


The crowd was really happy to see Deonna back. The heels took advantage of that, working her over in the corner with quick tags and a never-ending spree of cheep shots, for a large percentage of the match. Eventually Dakota had no choice but to rush the ring and help her partner, but all that did was distract the referee even more, resulting in a worse 2-on-1 beatdown for her Deonna. Aliyah screams a lot…

Eventually the heels had a breakdown in communication and Dakota made the hot tag, cleaning house with rapid kicks and strikes to both opponents. She only got about 30 seconds of offense in before rolling up Aliyah for the pin, but Evans had made a blind tag that nobody saw, connecting with the Women’s RIght to put down Kai for the three-count.

Winners: Lacey Evans & Aliyah

— An interview from last week aired featuring Bianca Belair after her main event victory over Nikki Cross. She said she wasn’t surprised by the result, because she’s the EST of NXT and she remains un-de-feat-ed.


Poor Humberto came out to absolutely zero reaction. It sounded like the arena was completely empty. This one lasted about a minute. Ryker beat him to a pulp, nailed with a forearm smash, and hit a slingshot powerbomb for the dominant victory.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker

— Candice LeRae is interviewed backstage by William Regal and his legal counsel, as they want to know where Johnny Gargano was during the night of the attack on Aleister Black. She said it wasn’t her, Kairi Sane or Kassius Ohno as they were all together, and had an excuse for Gargano as well. Candice blamed it on Tommaso Ciampa, but Regal said he had an alibi.

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