WWE NXT Results (9/19): Pete Dunne vs Ricochet ‘Winner Takes All’ Produces an Instant Classic

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Winner Take All Championship Match
NXT UK Champion PETE DUNNE (c) vs. NXT North American Champion RICOCHET (c)

The crowd was split right down the middle with loud “ONE AND ONLY / BRUISERWEIGHT” dueling chants throughout the first several minutes of the match. Big fight feel at Full Sail!

A very slow start as the two lock up, trading holds back and forth as they jockey for position. Dunne worked a heel hook and transitioned into a butterfly lock, but Ricochet countered into his own various submissions. Incredible smart, as the crowd continued to chant the entire time as they brilliantly, scientifically alternated from hold to hold. Eventually they rolled into the ropes and the referee got in between them, but Dunne took a huge cheap shot with a rolling elbow to the side of the head, damn near knocking his opponent out cold.

Ricochet came back with a series of dropkicks and began throwing short-arm lariats to his opponent’s chest, maintaining wrist control and delivering blow after blow. Dunen grabbed his wrist and threatened to snap his fingers, but the high-flyer fought out and turned him inside-out with an explosive running lariat. An uppercut connected in the corner followed by a 619 into a springboard crossbody, but it wasn’t enough.

He set up for a TKO but Dunne struggled free and got a big step-up enzuigiri. The UK champ set up for his finisher, but Ricochet somehow landed on his feet and hit a lightning-quick standing moonsault. The crowd is STILL chanting by the way. Ricochet with a rolling lariat, but Dunne caught him out of the air into a cross armbar, working the fingers and wrist! He broke his own hold to stomp away at the wrist, damn near crippling his opponent.

Ricochet connected with some knee strikes out of pure desperation, but came off the ropes into a devastating rolling elbow shot. X-Factor connects! 1…2…NO! The crowd (and me) thought that was it. The two brawled to the floor, bouncing each other off the apron, barricades and into the floor with everything they had left in the tank. Dunne dragged things back into the ring and once again set up for his finisher, but Ricochet somehow countered it mid-move into a Reverse Rana! 1…2… NO!

I cannot even properly describe the next sequence. They murdered each other with lariats back and forth, both guys barely able to stand. Dunne came off the ropes looking for a running knee strike but Ricochet rolled out of the way, doing a handspring off the ropes into a corkscrew tilt-a-whirl DDT for the closest nearfall ever. He climbed to the ropes but Dunne wouldn’t stay down, and they traded wild, desperation rights and lefts from the top. STANDING AVALANCH FRANKENSTEINER FROM THE KING! Axe kick to the back of the head! 1…2…NOOOOOO!

Ricochet went out to the apron and tried for a springboard 450, but Dunne again caught him in the air with a cross armbreaker. Ricochet somehow dug down deep and dead-lifted the Brit, slamming him down hard with a huge powerbomb. Dunne hung onto him though, countering into a wicked Fujiwara Armbar, absolutely wrenching away on the fingers! He’s gonna tap! NO, Ricochet again dead-lifts him into a BRAINBUSTER! 1…2…NO!?

Before the two could get back to their feet, the Undisputed Era rushed the ring and put the boots to both guys, ruling the match a No Contest.

Result: No Contest

The War Raiders ran down to even the odds, and a giant brawl broke out with Undisputed Era as all five guys fought to the back. Dunne and Ricochet slowly got to their feet and held up their respective titles, starring across the ring from one another as the crowd chanted “NXT” in appreciation!

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