WWE NXT Results: #1 Contender’s Street Fight Round II, Keith Lee vs Dijakovic, Dakota Kai Returns & More


WWE NXT Results

September 25, 2019

The show starts off with The Undisputed Era all standing on the new perch above the commentary area, raising all four of their championships into the air. We head to the ring…


The two start off throwing wild punches and kicks, but blocked each other and had a counter at every turn. Loud chants for Keith Lee early on. Dijak comes off the ropes but Lee does a huge leapfrog and squashes him with a running crossbody, before sending him FLYING out of the ring with the Pounce. They trade attempts trying to get each other back into the ring, but neither could do it. Dijak instead tries for a knee strike, but Lee responds with an even bigger headbutt, knocking him silly. Another struggle on the apron sees Lee set up for a powerbomb, but Dijak struggles free and hits a monstrous chokeslam into the edge of the ring.

Back from commercial and both men are slow getting to their feet inside the ring. Dijak rushes but Lee hoists him up for an incredibly impressive one-arm slam. The big man rolls to the outside trying to catch his breath, but the bigger man shocked the fans with a corkscrew splash all the way to the floor, taking him out! Loud “NXT!” chants. Lee rolls his opponent back into the ring looking for a deadlift suplex, but Dijak rolls him up with a small package for two. Lee immediately comes back with huge chops across the chest. He climbs to the top rope and… hits the biggest moonsault ever! 1…2…NO!

Lee is agains low to get up, and is furious over not getting the win there. He manages to get his opponent up on the top turnbuckle and set up for some kind of powerbomb, but Dijak FLIPPED INTO AN AVALANCHE DESTROYER OFF THE TOP ROPE! Dijak immediately popped back up, jumped to the top rope again and connect with a moonsault of his own, but it still wasn’t enough as Lee rose from the dead, mid-pin attempt. Lee rolled through into the Big Bang Attack for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Keith Lee 

Tonight WALTER and his Imperium faction will take on KUSHIDA and two mysterio partners. Still no idea who will partner with the Japanese junior heavyweight ace, although he hinted on Twitter that he has friends “all over the world” to reach out to.


Dakota is back after 10 months on the injured list with a whole new look, rocking some longer, blown-out hair and fresh white ring gear. Taynara, who seems to have lost her last name, got some offense in early but made a rookie mistake in taking too much time taunting and talking trash. Kai took her down and threw her into the corner,  hitting the running Kaio Kick. She hits the TTYL and it’s over.

Winner: Dakota Kai


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