WWE NXT ‘Super Tuesday’ Results (9/1): 60-Minute Iron-Man NXT Title Match, Street Fight, More!



Rhea Ripley appears and says she thought that the Robert Stone Brand got the message previously. Ripley claims that they obviously didn’t and says now she is going to rip Mercedes apart limb from limb, and she wants to do that…in a steel cage match!


Bronson Reed starts out showing his power, dropping Timothy Thatcher to the mat early on. Thatcher then tries to go blow for blow with Reed as they trade stiff forearms, but it is Reed who once again dominates as he flattens Timothy down to the mat.

Thatcher then tries to goad Reed to join him on the mat to wrestle, but instead, he just crushes Thatcher with a senton. Thatcher once again tries to throw hands with Reed, but that only ends up with the Thicc Boy sending Thatcher to the mat.

Timothy then tries to stay out of the ring but Reed then just launches himself through the ropes to continue his dominance. But as he gets put back in the ring, Austin Theory appears from behind and takes out Bronson Reed. He puts the big man back into the ring and Thatcher instantly works an armbar submission which forces Bronson to tap out.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

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