WWE NXT ‘Super Tuesday’ Results (9/1): 60-Minute Iron-Man NXT Title Match, Street Fight, More!



Mercedes Martinez is then shown backstage where she accepts Rhea Ripley’s challenge for a cage match…next Tuesday!


Johnny Gargano starts out by rolling out of the ring while the other trio starts the fight with Tommaso Ciampa dominating with tons of aggression to both men. He dumps out Finn Balor and Gargano then tries to take a cheap shot to Ciampa but he’s ready for it.

He drops Gargano with a knee strike and then charges through Balor on the outside which sends him crashing through the barricade. He then does the same to Gargano and takes his aggression towards Adam Cole as they begin to brawl.

Ciampa ends up being sent into the steel stairs by Balor though and he then launches Cole into the plexiglass. Back in the ring, Ciampa turns things around and begins to wear down Balor but Cole returns to action and sends Tommaso out of the ring, only to be attacked by Finn.

Gargano once again tries to get involved, but he is knocked to the floor again and Balor then connects with a low dropkick to Cole. However, Gargano then senses the chance and he attacks both men. Gargano drops Balor with a neck breaker and then mocks him before he connects with a huge kick to the back of Cole’s head.

Gargano then begins to target the arm of Cole as he happily mocks him this time but the Undisputed Era leader fights back and drops Gargano before turning his attention to Finn Balor, working on the back of his opponent.

Ciampa then gets back involved but Balor drops him and sends Adam Cole out of the ring, only managing a near fall from the Psycho Killer. As the match returns from commercial, it is Gargano working aggressively against Adam Cole, but he turns things around with a huge kick as Gargano then gets dropped onto his knee, only for Johnny to kick out!

Cole then looks for the Panama Sunrise but Gargano moves and Balor gets involved only to be taken out with a kick from Gargano. He is nailed by Cole’s superkick and then Ciampa returns, getting hit by a kick from Cole, but he nails the UE man with a knee strike which leads all four men down.

Cole and Ciampa are up first but as Adam goes to the top rope, Balor launches Ciampa into him. Finn then nails several kicks in a row as he then looks for a superplex, but Ciampa comes back and powerbombs Balor while he superplexes Cole at the same time.

Gargano then pulls Ciampa onto the ring post, splitting his legs in the process and he tries to pin Balor and Cole, but both men kick out. Gargano and Balor end up on their own and Finn nails the 1916, but somehow, Gargano kicks out!

He follows up with a sling blade and then dropkicks Gargano into the corner, leaving him in the drop zone. But his Coup De Grace misses and Ciampa then nails him down to the ring only for Balor to kick out this time, as the match remains even.

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