1/22 WWE NXT Results | Keith Lee vs Roderick Strong, Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinals, Shayna Baszler In Action, More


WWE NXT Results

January 22, 2020
Winter Park, FL

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Last week’s NXT is recapped. Including the Time Splitters reunion, the Women’s Battle Royal, and Undisputed Era’s attack on Keith Lee.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi-Final Match: Undisputed Era (w/ Adam Cole & Roderick Strong) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Kyle and Zack trade holds to start. Zack lays out Kyle with a lariat. James Drake tags in and Undisputed Era get the upperhand. Fish tags in and gets a nearfall.

Fish tags in and delivers knees to Drake. Fish corners Drake and tags in Kyle. Kyle hits a series of roundhouse kicks. Fish tags in and gets a nearfall.

Fish tenderizes Drake’s midsection. Kyle tags in and dissects the leg. Drake comes back with a jawbreaker. Zach Gibson tags in and eats a series of knee strikes from Kyle. Blind tag from Drake. Gibson hits a sliding dropkick. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Adam Cole distracts the Veterans. Gibson tags in. Fish tags in. Fish unleashes a series of kicks. Fish suplexes Drake into Gibson. Gibson hits an enzuigiri. Fish counters a dive with a Kneebar. Gibson gets to the ropes.


Fish knocks Drake off the apron. Fish climbs to the top rope. Gibson dodges a moonsault. Drake tags in and hits a Corner Dropkick. Gibson hits Helter Skelter. Drake covers for a nearfall.

Gibson tags in. Fish sends Drake to the outside, where he eats a knee strike. Kyle tags in and hits Chasing The Dragon for a nearfall. Gibson counters High Low. Drake tags in.

Wild brawl ensues. Drake and Fish trade blows. Undisputed Era hit stereo mid kicks. Dvorak plays through the arena and Imperium appears on the balcony. GYV hit a Codebreaker combo for the pinfall in 13:04.

WINNERS: Grizzled Young Veterans

Undisputed Era throw a tantrum post-match. A Rhea Ripley/Toni Storm hype video plays. After commercial, a Shotzi Blackheart hype video plays.

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