WWE NXT Results (12/11)


After the commercial, Finn Balor is shown in his smoky backroom, bemoaning that William Regal is making a former-NXT Champion prove himself against a guy he beat (Ciampa) and a guy that’s “been relevant since War Games.” (Lee) Balor then promises he will be two-time NXT Champion.

It is then shown that Angel Garza proposed to his girlfriend during the commercial break and she said “yes.” This might be the greatest episode of NXT in history.

Before the next week, footage of Cameron Grimes attacking KUSHIDA at the WWE PC is shown.

2nd Match: Raul Mendoza vs. Cameron Grimes

Mendoza starts the match with a vicious Thrust Dropkick. Mendoza pummels Grimes. Grimes retreats to the outside. Mendoza hits a Springboard Tornillo. Grimes gets back in the ring and dodges a springboard 450 splash. Grimes hits Collision Course. KUSHIDA walks out to ringside, distracting Grimes. Mendoza hits a Hurricanrana for the pinfall in 1:11.

WINNER: Raul Mendoza

KUSHIDA steals and wears Cameron Grimes’s hat. This is officially the best NXT ever. After the match, Mia Yim says that she’s going to put Dakota Kai in the hospital. A Travis Banks hype video plays before the commercial break.

After the commercial, we’re reminded that end of the year awards voting is open.

3rd Match: Jaxson Ryker (w/ The Forgotten Sons) vs. Travis Banks

They trade blows to start. Ryker retreats to the outside. Banks hits an Apron Run Penalty Kick. Ryker counters a Tope with a huge knee strike. Ryker sends Banks back in the ring.

Ryker punishes Banks in the corner. Ryker hits a Springboard Suplex Slam. Banks fights out of a choke. Banks trips Ryker into the corner and hits a series of vicious corner dropkicks. Banks hits a Cannonball. Banks misses a double stomp. Ryker hits a double axe handle. Ryker hits a vicious knee strike. Banks fights back and climbs the top rope. Banks hits a missile dropkick. Banks hits Slice of Heaven for the pinfall at 2:43.

WINNER: Travis Banks.


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