WWE NXT Results (10/2) Two Former NXT Champions Return, Three Title Matches, More


A video package is shown to hype Baszler vs. Lerae. Candice is shown preparing alone, as Baszler prepares with Mina Shafir.

Back in the arena, Velveteen Dream is introduced, surrounded by beautiful women. Dream says that what you feel “seeping into your soul, is the Velveteen Dream experience.” Dream trash talks The Undisputed Era, while also saying “climax” as much as possible. Dream makes it very clear that things are not over between him and Strong. He says that when you look in his eyes, “Dream Over.”

Drew Gulak is set to defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Lio Rush next week. A video package is played, hyping the match.

SECOND MATCH: Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim

Shoving match to start. Yim hits a series of Armdrags. Yim hits a Yakuza Kick in the corner and gets a nearfall. Yim hits an Atomic Drop. Shirai goes to the outside. Yim hits a baseball slide. Yim dominates Shirai at ringside. Yim sends Shirai into the barricade. Yim throws Shirai back in the ring, but Shirai hits an apron Tiger Feint Kick.

Back in the ring, Shirai gets the advantage and stomps away on Yim in the corner. Shirai chokes Yim on the ropes, as a Frosted Flakes commercial plays. Shirai continues to dominate Yim in the corner, to the dulcet tones of an Autotrader ad. Shirai locks in a chinlock.

As the Addams Family trailer plays, Yim tries to get the advantage. Shirai fights back with a snap suplex. Shirai locks in a Cobra Twist, while a Taco Bell ad makes me very hungry.

The ad break ends and Shirai hits a Dragon Screw. Shirai hits a huge blow and gets a nearfall. The referee admonishes Shirai. Shirai and Yim trade blows. Shirai continues to dominate Yim. Shirai hits a flapjack.

Yim regains momentum. Yim hits a chopblock. Yim gets a nearfall. Yim continues to pummel Shirai. Shirai gets a nearfall off a counter. Shiai drops Yim into the ropes. Shirai hits a Tiger Feint Kick. Shirai hits a Springboard Dropkick. Shirai gets a nearfall.

Yim fights back and hits Code Blue for a nearfall. Shirai is sent to the outside. Yim hits a Tope Suicida. Both women are down as an Applebee’s ad sings “You Sexy Thing.” Both women are still down on the outside, while Fiji Water and Liberty Mutual ads play. They make it back in the ring by the Liberty Mutual jingle. Yim gets a nearfall during a pretzel commercial.

During a Bounce commercial, Shirai gets a visual pinfall. It looked like Yim wasn’t able to kick out, so the referee argued with Shirai instead of counting 3. The split screen ends, and ads continue to play.

When the action returns, Yim hits a jawbreaker during a Treadstone commercial. The commercials end as Yim climbs to the top rope. Shirai recovers and hits a Superplex. Shirai gets a nearfall. Shirai continues to dominate. Shirai climbs to the top rope. Shirai hits a Moonsault for the pinfall.

WINNER: Io Shirai


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