WWE NXT Results (4/29): Charlotte Flair vs Mia Yim, NXT North American Title On The Line!


WWE NXT Results
April 29, 2020

— Tom Phillips welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center, running down tonight’s show as NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was shown approaching the arena earlier in the day. He pitches down to Mauro Ranallo for tonight’s first match!

Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match
El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. Isaiah Swerve Scott

Some impressive pinning combinations from both to get things started, both men singalling they were *this* close after a few close calls. Swerve sends Fantasma flying with a head scissors and follows with a backflip dropkick to send him outside. He goes to follow but Fantasma catches him with a nasty kick, and a knee to the jaw. Back in the ring Fantasma heads to the top rope, but Swerve pops up out of nowhere, springboards off the ropes and hits an Avalanche headscissors! Holy elevation…

Back from commercial and Swerve has things under control on the mat, working a body stretch. Fantasma escapes and starts laying in some nasty knife-edge chops, as Scott gives him heavy right hooks in exchange. Scott ducks under and scoops up his opponent for a deadlift German suplex, sending him flying outside. He goes to follow with a tope con hillo, but lands on his feet as Fantasma rolls back in the ring and surprises him with a lightning fast tope suicida. Fantasma rolls him back into the ring and tries for his finisher, but gets rolled up with a small package… Scott steals it!

Winner: Isaiah Swerve Scott

— Candice came down with Johnny Gargano, who sang her praises and gushed about how incredible she was, how much better she was than everyone in the NXT women’s division, how in love they are, etc. Really obnoxious, great heel work from both.

Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy doesn’t get much action in before Candice hits her with a series of sidewalk slams, and begins wrenching away on her neck. Kacy tries to fire up and almost catches her with a roll-up, but Candice loses her s**t and slams her head into the mat over and over again. The Wicked Step-Sister connects, and it’s over before it begins.

Winner: Candice LeRae

— After the match, Candice runs back to the ring and puts Kacy in the Gargano Escape, as she screams out in pain. Johnny is shown watching from ringisde with googley eyes, cheering on his woman.

— Adam Cole is shown pacing backstage. He says that the only thing that is undisputed is that knowing shows up and shows out like him, and the only thing that will happen when he goes one-on-one with the Velveteen Dream is he’ll leave the way he came in – still the longest reigning, greatest NXT Champion of all time.

Mia Yim vs. Charlotte Flair

They lock up and Charlotte takes the challenger to the corner, before the ref forces them to break. The Queen slaps on a headlock and works it for a bit before throwing big knees into Yim’s gut, and kicking her in the face. Charlotte went to the apron and launched herself back in with a sunset flip pin for two, then launches into a flurry of strikes and kicks to the champ.

Flair comes back with heavy elbow and forearm strikes. Yim gets thrown into the ropes but sticks like a spider, baiting Charlotte in… actually, Flair just punched her in the face anyways, so it wasn’t a very effective bait. After a commercial break the champ locks in a ridiculous Boston Crab. She’s so tall it actually looks like Yim is being broken in bent in uncomfortable ways. Yim breaks the hold by getting to the ropes, but Charlotte puts her in the Figure Eight instead and gets the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

— Io Shirai came out after the match and got in Charlotte’s face. The two had a steredown until the Queen rolled her eyes and walked away with the title over her shoulder.

Dexter Lumis vs. Shane Thorne

Lumis has his black gloves on like a total creeper. Thorne tries to attack him but gets shoved down numerous times. Lumis hits him with a few big slams, goes for the chokeslam, but Thorne goes after his eye and delivers a running dropkick. Thorne slowly gets up with a crazy look in his eyes, and catches his opponent with a ridiculous, thunderous spinebuster. He applies a crossface chickenwing, and Thorne passes out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

— We see Drake Maverick working out alone in the back, getting his head in the game for tonight’s match. Maverick’s second to last match in a WWE ring is up next…

— Keith Lee cuts a gravely promo selling his throat being crushed by Damian Priest last week. He tells Priest he likes to live in infamy, but tonight he’s getting put down.

Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match
Tony Nese vs. Drake Maverick

The two talk a little trash before going at it with rights and lefts. Nese gets crazy aggressive and beats the absolute hell out of Drake in the corner, stomping on his chest over and over again. He’s taking out his 205 Live aggressions from the last two years. Drake hangs him over the top rope and nearly chokes him out before the ref steps in.

After commercial, Maverick has had enough of being pushed around and takes his wristbands off, going wild with rights and lefts in the corner. He nearly gets DQ’d and instead comes off the ropes with a missile dropkick. Maverick goes for the Dudley Dog but Nese blocks it and hits a German suplex, damn near killing him as his head bounced off the bottom turnbuckle.

Nese pulls his kneepad down and lines up for the Running Neese, but Maverick moves out of the way. He tries for a diving elbow drop but crashes and burns, screaming like he dislocated his elbow. Instead he manages to hit a diving bulldog from the top rope, further injuring the arm, but crawls over Nese and scores the win.

Winner: Drake Maverick

— Maverick cut an excited promo and said he may have screwed up his elbow, but he told everyone he could do it, and he went out tonight and did it. He screamed that he refused to leave this place, because he loves it too damn much.

NXT North American Championship Match
Keith Lee (c) vs. Damien Priest

The action went outside pretty quickly and the two threw each other off everything at ringside, going past the barricade and out into the guts of the building. Lee somehow picked up Priest and threw him over the barricade, into the edge of the ring. That’s like a 5-foot horizontal toss at an upward angle. HOW?

After the final commercial of the night, the two are trading holds in the ring, battling over a suplex. Priest boxes the champ’s ears, but gets Pounced into the turnbuckles as Lee gives himself some breathing room to recover. He delivers a giant powerslam sending Priest to the floor, and the big man follows with a corkscrew plancha over the top rope, to the floor.

Lee runs the ropes back and forth and delivers an absolutely brutal lariat for two-and-a-half. Priest blocks the Spirit Bomb and chops away at his opponent. Lee is unfazed, going for a chokeslam, but Priest blocks it and delivers a spinning kick to the side of the head. He launches into a flurry of knees and kicks and spinning back fists, until Lee is wobbling. BROKEN ARROW! 1…2… Lee kicks out!

The champion slowly rolls outside to catch his breath, but Priest vaults over the corner turnbuckle all the way to the outside, crashing through him. He rolls Lee back into the ring and heads up top, hitting a… diving cyclone kick!? I don’t know why a man that size would EVER do that, but it was excellent. Priest went for a chokeslam of his own, but Lee blasts him with a headbutt. Priest shouts right back at him with a knee lift to the jaw.

The two brawl up to the top rope, as Lee deadlifts him into one of the biggest superplexes since Brock Lesnar and Big Show! Lee covers, but the challenger kicks out. Priest gives him a few more spin kicks and finally hits the chokeslam, but it’s not enough.

He goes out and grabs the nightstick that he used to injure the champ last week. Lee blocks a shot from the nightstick and rips it out of his hand, before delivering two back-to-back Spirit Bombs. 1… 2… 3.

Winner & Still NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee