WWE NXT Results (5/13): Major Title Change Takes Place, New Takeover Date Confirmed, More


May 13th, 2020


Timothy Thatcher kicks things off with Marcel Barthel as the Tag Team Champion instantly brings the Imperium man to the mat by working the arm. Barthel manages to eventually reverse as he tries to slap Thatcher, which ends up being a poor decision as he turns it around with some ground and pound of his own.

Fabian Aichner eventually makes a blind tag and that catches Thatcher out as Barthel tries a sneak attack of Matt Riddle, only to get caught out. However, as Thatcher looks for a tag, Riddle is busy brawling which leads to some anger from the King Of Bros tag team partner.

Eventually, Riddle manages to get in as he connects with a gut wrench suplex and Barthel gets to taste one as well when he tags in. However, his broton attempt is reversed and Aichner then connects with an impressive backbreaker.

Riddle then gets hung up on the ropes as Imperium hit tandem dropkicks with Barthel continuing to pound down on Riddle. Matt desperately tries to make the tag several times and finally drops Bartley with a roundhouse kick, but as Matt then monkey-flips Barthel, he lands on Thatcher which knocks him down.

Matt finally makes it to the corner, but Timothy Thatcher has seen enough and he walks away on Matt, rendering this a handicap match.

Imperium look to take advantage but Riddle hits two brilliant knee strikes on both men, but the numbers game eventually pay off for Imperium who connects with the European Bomb to win the NXT Tag Team Championships!

Winners (and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions): Imperium


Timothy Thatcher says he wants to be a tag team champion, but he doesn’t want to do it with this hot mess, blaming Riddle for putting too much focus on talk shows and flipping his flip flops. Riddle then appears and asks what it was about as the two men start pushing and shoving until they’re split up.


Indi Hartwell shows plenty of confidence early on, dropping Tegan Nox to the mat several times, trash-talking Tegan as well. Hartwell continues to dominate physically, putting the boot to Tegan in the corner, and despite Nox trying to fire back with some shots of her own, it is Indi who hits the sidewalk slam to maintain control.

Indi then charges towards Nox, who sidesteps and allows Indi to get onto the ring apron, but Nox is unable to keep the attack going, as Hartwell attacks the midsection of her opponent.

Hartwell then tries to leap back into the ring from the top rope, but she jumps straight into a Chokeslam from Nox! Nox then manages to avoid Indi’s attack as she drops Indi to her feet with a big kick and then a cannonball in the corner.

Nox connects with the shiniest wizard and picks up a hard-fought victory.

Winner: Tega Nox

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