WWE NXT Results (8/26): NXT Title Vacated, Two Championship Matches, Ciampa Returns, More!


Tonight is the post-show edition of WWE NXT following on from last weekend’s WWE NXT Takeover: XXX pay-per-view. Announced for the show is the return of Tommaso Ciampa, an announcement from Karrion Kross and an NXT Tag Team Championship match.

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

WWE NXT Results 
August 26th, 2020
Orlando, FL


We kick off tonight’s episode of WWE NXT with the brand new NXT Champion, Karrion Kross…who just happens to be in a sling. Kross says he told us, again and again, that he would become NXT Champion. He says he also warned us everyone would suffer, and at Takeover, he kept good on his word.

Kross says that when you go to war, you should expect casualties on all sides as he confirms his shoulder is separated. However, he says he loves the pain but he is a realist and understands the reality of the situation. He knows WWE won’t let him defend the championship in this condition.

Kross says on the path there are obstacles, but for him, the obstacles are the path and he places the NXT Championship down on the ring as Scarlett places a sand timer next to it. Kross then says this changes nothing and doomsday is still coming.

He says god help the obstacles that will be in his path… tick tock.

Vic Joseph then welcomes our guest commentator for tonight…Wade Barrett!


Before the bell even rings the number one contenders take the fight to the champions, fighting them out of the ring to start. When the match starts though, Fabian Aichner wastes no time in working the arm of Fandango with Marcel Barthel tagging in and continuing that with an arm drag.

Fandango fires back though with a big dropkick, but Imperium quickly gets this match back under control, isolating Dango in their corner with Aichner connecting with a stiff clothesline. The champions then look for a double team but Fandango manages to fight them both away as Tyler Breeze finally tags in.

Breeze hits Aichner with a superkick on the apron and then hits several big forearms to Barthel which he follows with a big knee strike. However, Barthel then sends Breeze into the corner who has to avoid the referee which allows Barthel to get back into the match with a stiff strike.

However, as Barthel tries to drop down from the second turnbuckle, Breeze turns things around with a massive spinning kick to the head. Barthel manages to counter the Unprettier by sending Breeze into the corner, following it up with a sharp kick to the head.

Barthel finally tags in but Aichner runs straight into a big boot to the head as well. Breeze then slingshots Aichner into a forearm from Fandango, as he falls back into Breeze’s knees, Fandango follows up with a leg drop. Barthel smartly pulls him out of the ring but Fandango keeps up the attack with a suicide dive.

But, the champions turn things around again though as Barthel catches ‘Dango with a German suplex onto the outside. When the match gets back into the ring Fandango manages to fight away against Imperium, but as he dives from the second rope, Aichner actually catches him and drops him to the mat, following up with a moonsault from the second rope.

Breeze breaks up the pinfall but is made to pay by Barthel who launches Breeze into the plexiglass before planting him onto the floor. Back in the ring, Fandango manages to take out Aichner but he bounces back towards Barthel and with no Breeze, Fandango cannot make a tag.

The champions then hit several great combination moves, but Fandango is able to kick out. With Fandango in the corner, Imperium try to hit their dual kicks, but he moves out of the way and brings in Breeze, yet he is instantly taken out by Aichner.

They look for their finish but Breeze gets away and nails both men with superkicks. Fandango then connects with a double leg drop from the top rope and we have NEW NXT Tag Team Champions

Winners (And NEW NXT Tag Team Champions): Breezango

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