WWE NXT Results (8/26): NXT Title Vacated, Two Championship Matches, Ciampa Returns, More!



Damian Priest is then shown backstage who says that the after-party is still continuing, but Timothy Thatcher then appears. He tells Priest that he’s embarrassing and he should be the first man to get a title shot and prove how unequipped Priest is as a champion.


Tommaso Ciampa instantly starts out aggressively and while Jake Atlas pushes him back, the cruiserweight only gets nailed by a headbutt as Ciampa continues to aggressively beatdown Atlas in the corner. Ciampa then quickly hits the Willows Bell DDT and gets a simple victory.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

However, Ciampa isn’t done and he continues to attack Atlas after the match, launching him into the plexiglass and then the steel stairs as he continues to beatdown on him until WWE officials send him to the back. But he’s not done and Ciampa pulls away the ring curtain and catapults Atlas up into the metal bars.

Once again though, Ciampa is not done! With Atlas being loaded onto a stretcher in a neck brace, Ciampa grabs him and hits another DDT, this time to the floor from the stretcher and he finally heads to the back.


WWE then shows a video package of Candice LeRae talking about her friendship with Tegan Nox throughout the years. However, she doesn’t think Tegan gets her anymore, but she could be down this path now, but if she doesn’t want to do things the Gargano way, she should stay out of her way.


Backstage Bronson Reed discusses the North American Title picture where he says he appreciates Thatcher’s ambition, but he has actually beaten Damian Priest, so he believes he deserves a shot. Austin Theory then pops up (he’s back?) and he mocks Bronson for how long it is taking him to be a star, to which Bronson just slaps him.


Mia Yim is scheduled to be in the ring against Mercedes Martinez, but Robert Stone claims that he wouldn’t allow that after what Rhea Ripley did last week. But as he carries on talking, Shotzi Blackheart appears and runs him over yet again with his tank.


The ladies waste no time in getting down to business, with Shotzi Blackheart taking control and welcoming Mia Yim to the ball pit. The women then exchange a few roll-up attempts and end up shaking hands, but as Shotzi looks to howl, Mia takes a shot at her.

Yim then takes control of the match with a few aggressive strikes as she then ties up Shotzi with a great submission that yanks her back while stretching Shotzi across her legs. Blackheart manages to fight back though, hitting a splash in the corner which she follows up with a bulldog.

Shotzi then connects with a combination of forearms and knee strikes which then goes into a suplex. However, Mia Yim then avoids whatever Blackheart had planned next and she hits a suplex of her own, following up with a big boot.

However, Blackheart sidesteps the dropkick attempt and follows it with a senton and then another one from the top rope as she secures a major victory.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

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