WWE NXT Results (8/26): NXT Title Vacated, Two Championship Matches, Ciampa Returns, More!



WWE NXT General Manager, William Regal is here to discuss the future of the NXT Championship. William puts over Karrion Kross for how he’s dealt with the situation and he wishes Kross well for his road to recovery.

But when it comes to the future of the title, next week on a special Tuesday night episode there will be four former NXT Champions who have all held the NXT Championship before will compete in a fatal four-way match with the winner becoming the new champion.

The competitors are:

  • Johnny Gargano
  • Tommaso Ciampa
  • Finn Balor
  • Adam Cole

However, that isn’t all…as for the first time in history, this will be decided in a four-way 60-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH!


Straight away Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott showcases his agility by launching himself over the ropes and into the ring, hitting an arm drag to take the champion out of the ring at the other side. However, when he gets back into the ring, Santos Escobar takes control of the match by keeping Scott grounded.

The number one contender continues to prove himself to be a problem though, going for a backslide pinfall, but Escobar kicks out and then follows up with some stiff shots to Scott. Isaiah looks for a submission after that, but Escobar goes to the outside and as Scott tries to follow him, the champion is able to launch him from the apron into the plexiglass.

The Cruiserweight Champion continues his attack on the outside though, launching Scott int the steel stairs. Santos then follows up with several kicks in the ring and then a running knee strike into the corner, but it isn’t enough to put Scott away.

The two men then end up on the second rope, and as Isaiah Scott tries to take the champion down, he reverses in mid-air with a massive powerbomb. Santos then hits several chops and then another running knee attack as the champion continues to maintain control of this one.

Santos trash talks Scott, which just fires up the challenger who starts throwing hands to the champion. Scott then leaps off the top rope with an elbow to the back and he then connects with a boot to the face on the outside. He keeps up the momentum by launching himself backwards over the top ropes to then wipe out Escobar on the floor.

Back in the ring, Scott with a Flatliner, but Escobar just kicks out in time. However, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza then appear and the distraction on the official allows Santos to nail a superkick…but Scott kicks out!

The numbers advantage quickly disappears though as Breezango appear and brawl with Wilde and Mendoza to the back, evening things up. Scott then hits a big boot to the face and then a German suplex, but the champion is able to kick out.

Isaiah Scott then hits a huge kick to the back of Escobar’s head, but somehow the champion kicks out again. Scott then nails down his opponent to the mat yet again, but Escobar manages to get his hands on the rope as he crawls to the outside.

While on the outside, Escobar puts on a luchador mask and the champion then headbutts Scott as he tries to get Santos back in the ring, and this knocks out the challenger, allowing Escobar to get a pinfall win.

Winner (and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion): Santos Escobar

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