WWE NXT Results (8/26): NXT Title Vacated, Two Championship Matches, Ciampa Returns, More!



Drake Maverick comes out of the gate flying with incredible aggression, eventually then tripping Kyle O’Reilly to the outside. Maverick then continues his attack, leaping from the top turnbuckle to the outside, taking out both Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong.

However, when Maverick gets back into the team, O’Reilly is already there and he takes advantage with some stiff strikes and kicks. But Maverick pops straight back up and takes down O’Reilly again, hitting a bulldog and then a senton.

O’Reilly then turns things around with some work on the arm and the two men then go back and forth with a series of strikes, but it is Kyle who takes advantage with a kick straight to the knee. But, as O’Reilly tries to carry on working on the knee, Maverick hits a great enziguri.

He tries to continue that but as he launches off the top rope, Maverick lands on his knee again and Kyle O’Reilly quickly targets the area to get a submission victory.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

After the match, Strong and Fish beatdown Maverick but Kyle O’Reilly appears to try and stop them. They get a chair but Killian Dain runs down and attacks both Fish and Strong, using the chair himself as Undisputed Era run away.

Drake Maverick thanks Killian Dain and goes to shake his hand, but Dain clearly doesn’t care as he levels Maverick with a big clothesline.


Rhea Ripley starts out dominating this one against Dakota Kai, but Raquel Gonzalez then tags in and Raquel connects with a big headbutt which sends Rhea into her corner as Io Shirai tags herself in. Io looks to fly out of the ring to continue her attack on Raquel but Dakota stands in her way on the apron, only to be kicked as she falls into Gonzalez’s arms.

Rhea gets to tag back in and she immediately goes to punch Gonzalez on the apron. Ripley then continues to dominate against Kai, but Gonzalez tags in and begins to attack Ripley on the outside of the ring after she and Dakota dump her out.

Gonzalez then hits a major Irish whip, which sees Ripley bounce off the turnbuckles to the mat as Raquel’s strength is displayed. Dakota tags in and uses her brilliant kicking ability to keep attacking Rhea, but Gonzalez then tags back in only to be rocked by a huge kick to the head.

Both teams make tags and the NXT Women’s Champion comes firing out and plants Dakota face-first. Io then attacks Gonzalez who tries to get involved, hitting a double knees in the corner as she then connects with a 619 and a springboard splash to Kai, but she manages to kick out.

Dakota manages to then nail a scorpion kick, but Io responds with a huge knee strike to the face. The champion then nails a German suplex into the bridge, but Raquel breaks it up just in time. Dakota takes out Ripley as Gonzalez does the same to the champion and she drags Kai to the corner in order to tag.

They hit a great double team with Kai connecting with a boot to the head as Gonzalez follows through with a power slam, but Shirai kicks out. She then nails Gonzalez with a kick and makes a tag, but the official doesn’t see it and Raquel then isolates Io.

Rhea Ripley then gets taken out in her corner as Mercedes Martinez appears, pulling her onto the steps, head-first. Gonzalez takes out Io but she kicks out again and as Shirai gets sent into her corner, Ripley appears and makes the tag.

Ripley isn’t 100% and she gets hit with a huge boot to the face as Gonzalez then plants Rhea to the mat for an impressive victory.

Winners: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

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