WWE NXT Results (11/20): Becky Lynch Returns, Ricochet vs Matt Riddle, Ladder Match & More


After the commercial break, a video package hypes WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

Second Match: Matt Riddle vs. Kona Reeves

….will not be taking place. Ricochet runs out and attacks Kona during his entrance. Matt Riddle comes out to confront Ricochet.

Second Match: Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet

They trade swift strikes to start. Riddle goes to the outside an eats a huge tope from Ricochet. Ricochet gets Riddle back in the ring. Riddle counters a Standing Shooting Star Press with a Triangle Choke. Ricochet breaks the hold and ducks a Penalty Kick. Riddle hits a Broton.

Riddle hits a series of elbow smashes. Riddle hits an Exploder Suplex for a nearfall. Ricochet hits a Northern Lights Suplex/Final Cut combo. Ricochet gets a nearfall. Riddle dodges a Phoenix Splash and hits a series of strikes, ending in a Final Flash. Richochet hits an Enzuigiri. Riddle hits a German Suplex. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura try to distract Riddle. Riddle rolls up Ricocet with a Crucifix for the pinfall in 3:58.

WINNER: Matt Riddle

Cesaro & Nakamura attack both men after the match. Ricochet sends Cesaro into the crowd and hits a huge dive. Nakamura and Riddle face off, but Roderick Strong runs in and takes out Nakamura with a knee. Finn Balor runs out and beats up Riddle. Riddle counters 1916 with Final Flash, sending Balor packing.

A video package hypes up Dunne vs. Dane vs. Priest at Saturday’s NXT Takeover. Backstage, the Undisputed Era prepare for their match.

Third Match: The Revival vs. The Undipsuted Era

Dawson & Kyle lock up. Dawson hits a vicious chop. Dawson gets cornered and Fish tags in. Both members of both teams stare each other down. Undisputed Era retreats to ringside.

Wilder tags in. Fish tests Wilder with kicks. Fish corners Wilder. Kyle tags in. Wilder tries to overcome 2 on 1 odds, but gets taken out by Undisputed Era. Dawson runs in to help his partner. The teams face off and then begin brawling wildly. Everyone goes crashing to the outside as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Fish takes out Wilder with a back elbow. Fish dominates Wilder in the corner. Fish gets a nearfall off a double suplex. Fish continues to dominate Wilder in the corner. Fish hits a Senton. Kyle tags in.

Kyle and Wilder trade blows. Kyle takes Wilder to the mat and hits a series of kicks and ground & pound attacks. Kyle keeps Wilder grounded. Fish tags in and maintains dominance. Fish sends Wilder to the outside. Kyle attacks at ringside. Wilder gets back in the ring but Kyle tags in and hits a huge jumping knee. Fish tags in and delivers stiff knees.

Wilder hits a suplex. Kyle tags in and stops Wilder from tagging Dawson. Undisputed Era hit double kicks and Chasing The Dragon on Wilder for a nearfall. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Wilder hits a huge powerslam. Fish tags in. Dawson tags in but gets pulled to the floor. Dawson fights off both members of the Undisputed Era. Fish and Dawson trade blows. Dawson hits Fish with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Dawson climbs to the top rope and hits a Diving Headbutt for a nearfall. Dawson gets another nearfall. Kyle takes a double knee from Dawson & Wilder to protect Fish. Dawson puts Fish on the top rope. Kyle helps stop a superplex. Fish sends Dawson crashing to the mat. Wilder hits an apron DDT on Kyle. Dawson hits a Superplex. Wilder hits a huge splash. Wilder covers for two.

There is a Doomsday Device spot that gets pretty confusing, Dawson ends up busting open Fish’s nose with his knee. Fish and Kyle attack Dawson. Wilder evens the odds. Revival hit Shatter Machine on Fish but the pin is broken by Kyle, who throws Revival around ringside and hits a running apron knee. Kyle rolls Dawson back in the ring and tags in. Kyle hits King Kong Knee Drop for a nearfall.

Kyle unleashes a flurry of strikes for a nearfall. Fish tags in. Dawson fights off Chasing The Dragon. Fish regains control. Kyle tags in. UE hits Total Elimination for the pinfall in 24:54.

WINNERS: The Undisputed Era

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