WWE NXT Results (11/20): Becky Lynch Returns, Ricochet vs Matt Riddle, Ladder Match & More


Backstage, The Viking Raiders are in a pull-apart brawl with The Forgotten Sons. After the commercial break, a video hypes up the Women’s WarGames match.

Fourth Match: Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

Kai ambushes Ray to start. Kai gets a quick nearfall and takes Ray to the mat. Kai gets another nearfall. Ray counters GTK and hits a series of kicks. Ray corners Kai. Ray hits a suplex for a nearfall.

Kai tries to get momentum but Ray maintains dominance. Ray attacks the knee of Dakota Kai. Ray kicks Kai while she’s down. Ray chops Kai’s chest in the corner. Kai finally gets a breath. Kai hits a double stomp in the corner. Kai hits a lariat. Kai hits a dropkick.

Kai hits a series of Kawada kicks. Ray sends Kai to the outside. Kai sends Ray into the steel steps. Kai hits a running boot. Kai rolls Ray back in the ring for a nearfall. Kai hits a Bicycle Kick. Ray counters a GTK. Ray hits a Gory Bomb for the pinfall in 5:35.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray

The women from WWE SmackDown run in and attack both women. A full blown locker room clear-out brawl occurs between the RAW, SmackDown & NXT Women’s rosters.

Back from commercial, Dominick Dijakovic prepares backstage.

Fifth Match: The Viking Raiders vs. The Forgotten Sons

Erik beats the snot out of…one of the Forgotten Sons (they both look the same to me). Ivar tags in. Erik hits a Powerbomb. Ivar hits a splash. The pin is broken.

Erik tags in and continues to punish the Forgotten Son. Steve Cutler tags in and helps Wesley Blake double team Erik. Cutler uses underhanded tactics to maintain the advantage. Ivar tags in and delivers a series of strikes to Cutler. Ivar takes the advantage as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Ivar is dominating both Forgotten Sons. Erik tags in and starts tossing people left and right. Forgotten Sons retake the advantage. Cutler hits a back cracker. Blake tags in. Forgotten Sons hit a Powerbomb/Back Cracker combo. Ivar regains momentum-

[SlingTV stream died briefly]

Erik hits a huge knee strike. Ivar tags in. Blake hurricanranas Ivar off the top rope, into Erik & Cutler.

[SlingTV stream died briefly]

Viking Raiders get the pinfall.

WINNERS: Viking Raiders

Commentary hypes up the main event, as we head to commercial. After the commercial break, all of the Takeover: WarGames matches are hyped.

MAIN EVENT MATCH: Ladder Match To Determine The Advantage In Men’s WarGames Match: Dominick Dijakovic vs. Adam Cole

Cole ambushes Dijakovic to start. Both men trade blows. Dijakovic hits a lariat. Dijakovic grabs a ladder from under the ring. Cole baseball slides the ladder into Dijakovic’s face. Cole gets the ladder in the ring. Dijakovic hits a discus big boot into the ladder.

Dijakovic slams the ladder on Adam Cole.  Dijakovic sets up the ladder in the corner and throws Cole into the ladder. Both men take turns trying to climb the ladder. Cole attacks Dijakovic’s knee. Cole continues to assault the knee as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Cole stops Dijakovic from chokeslamming him into a Ladder Castle. Cole hits a Brainbuster to the knee. Cole climbs the ladder but gets chokeslammed into another ladder. Cole counters Feast Your Eyes by climbing the ladder. Cole hits Panama Sunrise from the ladder. Cole climbs the ladder again. Dijakovic pulls Cole off the ladder and hits Feast Your Eyes. Dijakovic collapses because he used his injured knee. Dijakovic climbs the ladder. Cole climbs the ladder. Cole sends Dijakovic off the ladder and through another ladder. Cole grabs the briefcase for the win at 10:29.

WINNER: Adam Cole

After the match, all three WWE brands brawl. The brawl ends with a huge dive that takes out everyone. Adam Cole stands tall in the ring. Seth Rollins runs in and superkicks Adam Cole. Ciampa comes out to stop Rollins. Ciampa its a running punt to Adam Cole. Ciampa and Rollins stare each other down. They trade blows as the show goes off the air.

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