WWE NXT Results (3/20): Triple H Addresses The Future Of the NXT Title, Huge 5-Way Main Event


WWE NXT Results

March 20, 2019

NXT is back and this time, The Game kicks off the program!

Triple H came out to the ring with the NXT Championship in hand. He gave the Full Sail crowd time to chant and then got down to business.

Hunter said that NXT is special, including the building, the environment and the fans. He said that’s because in the NXT ring, dreams become possibilities. For some, the dream starts in the NXT ring. For others, it takes much longer. But the reality is that for everyone that steps into the ring, the dream can end at any time.

Triple H said that he was going to announce Johnny Gargano versus Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship at Takeover: New York on April 5. But Hunter said that has to be put on hold because of Ciampa’s neck injury.

But when one dream ends, another one begins. The Game said that Johnny Wrestling will face the winner of tonight’s Fatal 5-Way Match between Ricochet, Adam Cole, Aleister Black, The Velveteen Dream and Matt Riddle. The winner of this match will step into the ring with Gargano on April 5.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Kona Reeves and asks him about his reaction to the Fatal 5-Way main event. She then talks to The Forgotten Sons, who remind her that once again, they’re being forgotten. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler also remind her about their own main event against Black and Ricochet next week in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

A video package featuring Aleister Black and Ricochet is shown, retracing their journey to WWE’s main roster, as well as their work in the Dusty Classic. Both men are focused on tonight’s huge main event.

Velveteen Dream said that the spotlight is only big enough for one man. He also said that tonight, it’s dream over.

Ciampa’s trip to the hospital in Birmingham, Alabama is covered next. Three past operations are discussed, including his right knee and both shoulders. Ciampa must get pressure off his spinal cord because if not, he’s risking paralysis. It’s said that it may take a full year for him to recover.

Matt Riddle talks about working hard to stay undefeated and getting this shot at the NXT Championship. He said that he will be the next champ. Cole also speaks, reminding fans that he debuted in NXT two years ago in the Barclays Center and this year he’s going back in the Takeover main event.

Kairi Sane and Io Shirai are backstage and said that nothing can come between their friendship. At Takeover: New York, may the best one win. They’re interrupted by Bianca Belair, who said that neither one of them deserve to be working for the NXT Women’s Championship. Belair said that she would run through both of them to get the title.

Next up is the main event!

The NXT Championship is on the stage and this one is for the opportunity to wear it. Adam Cole is out first, followed by Ricochet. NXT North American champion Velveteen Dream is out next, followed by Matt Riddle and then Aleister Black.

All five men are in the ring and it’s time play the feud!

Riddle goes after Dream on the floor and the other three men go at it in the ring. Dream tries an early roll-up on Black for a two count. Black is on the offense against Dream but Dream comes back, followed by Aleister’s own comeback

Cole and Black are on the floor as Dream and Ricochet are in the ring, then with Riddle. Riddle is showing off against Ric, but is caught from behind by Cole. Cole hits a BAY BAY chant but is cornered by Ric and Black. The tag team partners have a showdown after a quick handshake but it’s broken up by Cole.

Cole is taking the fight to them all!

Cole and Ric are in the ring alone and Adam is in full control. But Dream is back in and goes after Ricochet. Dream and Cole are facing off and the flamboyant one is off the top on Black, keeping him out of the ring. Dream comes off the top with the double axhandle on Cole.

Riddle and Black are in the ring and Riddle suddenly gets the Bromission on Black! But the move is broken up by Velveteen Dream.

Black is showing some serious athleticism now, throwing one kick after another. But Riddle and Cole soon end up in the ring alone. They trade some stiff shots back and forth, with Riddle once again locking in the Bromission. But once again, Dream breaks it up.

Matt, Dream and Cole are all in the ring now, trading shots. Ric is back in and nails Dream with a spinning kick. But Black is back in now and takes out Riddle. All five men are down!

Ric is back on top now but gets caught on the rope by Cole. Dream joins them in the corner as he and Cole are on the ropes, with Ric on the turnbuckle. Black and Riddle join the fray and hit a huge four-man superplex on Ricochet!

Black and Dream are the first men up to their feet and are trading hard shots in the middle of the ring. Aleister comes off the rope with double knees but is stopped afterward by Riddle. Riddle and Cole are once again going at it as Adam drops Matt with a shoulder-breaker.

Ricochet and Cole are paired up, as Ric is stopped in his tracks by two super-kicks. Ric hits the reverse-rana by Cole and then comes over the top rope onto Adam on the floor!

Dream and Riddle are going at it, with Matt getting the super hand. He’s got Dream cinched up but Cole pulls the referee out, leading to Black getting involved again. Black climbs the ropes but Ric hits a hurrincanra on Dream, sending him out onto the floor!

Ric comes off the top onto Riddle in the ring but Cole hits him from behind, scoring the pin! Adam Cole is going to Takeover!


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