WWE NXT Results (10/23): Finn Balor Returns, North American Title Match, Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley & More


Oct. 23rd, 2019

A quick recap of last week’s episode is played, highlighting Tegan Nox, The Undisputed Era, Finn Balor & the North American Title Triple Threat.

FIRST MATCH: Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley

Slow start as both women jockey for position. Belair wins a Test of Strength with a leg trip. Belair dodges a spear and hits a handspring spear. Ripley drops Belair with a blow.

Belair takes Ripley to the mat. Ripley hits a thrust kick to the chest. Belair regains control. Ripley counters with a delayed suplex. Ripley sends Belair into the corner. Ripley climbs to the top rope. Belair slams Ripley to the floor. Belair gets a nearfall.

Belair hits a suplex. Belair maintains dominance. Belair locks in a torturous abdominal stretch. Ripley counters with a hiptoss. Ripley tosses Belair, but Belair cartwheels out. Both women collide as the commercial break begins.

Belair dominates during the commercial break. Back from break and Ripley immediately takes over with stiff dropkick and a nearfall. Ripley hits a Ripcord Lariat. Ripley hits a dropkick. Ripley sends Belair to the outside. Io Shirai interferes behind the referee’s back. Candice Lerae runs out and fights off Shirai. Ripley hits Riptide on Belair for the pinfall.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley

The events leading to the North American Title Triple Threat Match are highlighted. Backstage, Cathy Kelly interviews Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate. Pete Dunne said Damien Priest “Did what he had to do,” and that “there’s a receipt coming.” Dunne is asked about Killian Dane, and Dunne said he doesn’t care about Killian Dane. A WWE Crown Jewel Ad plays.


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