WWE NXT Super Tuesday II Results (9/8): NXT Champion Crowned, Steel Cage Main Event, More!


Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT ‘Super Tuesday II’, airing live on the USA Network. Announced for the show is a major singles match between Adam Cole and Finn Balor for the vacant NXT Championship, as well as a steel cage match between Rhea Ripley and Mercedes Martinez!

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 

WWE NXT Results 
September 8, 2020
Orlando, FL


We are kicking things off in a big way this week with a brand new WWE NXT Champion being crowned! Neither man wastes any time in locking up and starting things out as they quickly go back and forth with takedowns, as Finn Balor has a slight advantage early on.

Both men keep things on the mat showing their technical abilities, but Adam Cole eventually changes the pace with a basement dropkick. Cole continues that with several strikes and chops as he then drops Balor down onto his knee, forcing Balor to kick out of a pinning attempt.

When the match returns, Balor has turned things around, hitting a quick strike to the back as he once again slows down the pace of the match. The Irishman showcases his aggression with some stomps and chops in the corner, and he then connects with a basement dropkick of his own.

The two men then slug it out going back and forth with big shots, but Adam Cole connects with a pump kick to the face, taking advantage. Cole then hits a backstabber, but Finn is able to kick out. However, Finn is able to change the pace with a sling blade and he then looks for his dropkick into the corner but Cole quickly reverses with the shiniest wizard as Balor kicks out from another pinning attempt.

Cole tries to hit the Last Shot but this time, Finn reverses as he then stomps on Cole’s chest. He starts stomping away on the Undisputed Era leader, all the way to the outside. Balor sends Cole into a chair at the timekeeper’s area and sets up the running dropkick, but Cole has other ideas and he nails a superkick.

Balor continues to fight through though and he nails the Coup De Grace but somehow Cole kicks out! Balor tries to follow up with the 1916 but Cole has other ideas and he locks in the Figure Four Leglock as he aims for a submission victory.

Balor eventually breaks out with a pinfall attempt but then eats a superkick and the Last Shot but this time it is Balor kicking out at the absolute last second to keep this title match alive!

Cole tries to hit the Panama Sunrise but Balor catches him and eventually nails a reverse 1916. Finn slowly makes his way to the top but Cole superkicks the knee and meets him up there. Balor nails a mammoth 1916 from the top rope and we have a NEW NXT Champion!

Winner (and NEW NXT Champion): Finn Balor

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