WWE NXT Super Tuesday II Results (9/8): NXT Champion Crowned, Steel Cage Main Event, More!



We go back to the Gargano house where Johnny admits it’s uncomfortable and says he will eat upstairs. Candice asks Tegan to fess up to her mistakes, but Tegan feels like she didn’t make any. Candice says Tegan doesn’t understand the Gargano way, and Tegan says it’s like Johnny has changed her, however, Candice says this is how she has always been.

Candice points out that she’s never sent Tegan down any wrong paths in their friendship, and she points out that she’s got nothing to lose as Nox clearly starts thinking over the idea of following that path.


Austin Theory tries to shake hands to start but Bronson Reed gets straight down to business, locking in a tight headlock. Theory tries to break out of it with a stomp to the floor, but he gets sent flying with a tackle and Reed then springboards off the bottom rope with an elbow drop.

Austin Theory then rolls to the outside, but Reed runs and dives from the ring apron, sending the young wrestler flying. Back inside the ring, Reed drops Theory back down to the mat as he continues to dominate and maintain control.

Theory tried to hit a few punches but Reed just continues to dominate with an atomic drop and then an elbow as he then dominates with a huge avalanche splash in the corner. Theory finally manages to get some offence in though, connecting with a blockbuster.

Theory then tries to hoist up Reed but his legs give way as Reed crushes him. He then goes to the top rope and connects with the Tsunami to win a dominant performance.

Winner: Bronson Reed


Adam Cole is shown backstage and he admits he is disappointed but says the better man won. He admits he has respect for Finn Balor and says he is good, but Balor had better hope he doesn’t get another shot at the NXT Championship, because if he does then the outcome will be very different.


Roderick Strong utilizes the numbers advantage with a distraction from Bobby Fish as he attacks Dain. However, the Irishman quickly turns things around by showcasing his aggression as he then bounces him off the turnbuckles.

The Undisputed Era member fights back with a dropkick, but Dain then hits a uranage to plant Strong back down. But when the official checks on Strong inside the ring, Bobby Fish kicks away Dain’s legs, sending him to the floor on the outside.

However, Dain has no problem regaining dominance inside the ring with several splashes in the corners which he follows up with a massive running crossbody. Strong manages to hit a couple of kicks, but Dain just dumps Strong to the floor and follows up with a senton.

Killian Dain tries to go to the top rope to keep up the attack but Fish pulls Strong out of the ring. Dain knocks Fish off the ring apron but he turns around and gets nailed by a massive jumping knee strike to the head which gets the job done.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match the two men beatdown Dain, but Drake Maverick sprints down with a steel pipe and attacks the Undisputed Era. However, they manage to turn things around with the numbers advantage until Dain gets his hands on the weapon, forcing Strong and Fish to run away.

Dain stares down Maverick but ends up throwing down the pipe as he leaves. Drake pulls Dain back into the ring though, offering a handshake, but instead, he gets a forearm to the face from Dain.

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