WWE NXT Super Tuesday II Results (9/8): NXT Champion Crowned, Steel Cage Main Event, More!



The women do a toast to being friends again and to Candice becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion, but Tegan questions why it will be Candice and not her. They start bickering and it turns into a food fight as Candice throws some salad at Tegan, who responds by splashing water in Candice’s face.

Johnny Gargano comes back and tries to calm things down, telling Tegan she is a horrible person. Nox simply says “f*** you Johnny” and pours spaghetti on his head as LeRae then launches a remote at her, which she avoids and that smashes their television instead as Nox leaves. So, it looks like the Gargano way is not for her.


Damian Priest is shown backstage after being told he will defend his North American Title against Timothy Thatcher next week, Priest responds by saying Thatcher is ugly. He says he will kick and punch him as many times as he can as there is no chance he is losing the championship on his first title defence.


Before this match even begins Mercedes Martinez packs the ring with chairs as she pulls out a table as well. But before she can place that into the ring, Rhea Ripley appears and sends her crashing into the cage, slamming the door onto her several times as she puts the table into the cage herself!

However, as Ripley gets into the cage Martinez attacks her, launching Rhea into the steel several times. She then gets a chair but misses wildly as Ripley drops her down with a clothesline and then sends Mercedes into the steel structure several times.

Rhea drops Martinez with a big boot after setting up a chair on the second ropes. Rhea then stomps away on Mercedes, but she turns things around with the Fisherman Suplex! Martinez tries to use a chair again but Rhea kicks it away.

However, Martinez has the last laugh here as she picks up Ripley and drops her immediately onto a chair. Martinez then continues her dominance with a German suplex from the top rope, leaving Rhea wiped out in the middle of the ring.

Ripley keeps fighting though as she launches a steel chair into the face of Mercedes and then she hits a dropkick and joins her on the top rope. Ripley then nails a huge suplex from the top rope, but Martinez is able to kick out.

These two warriors then go back and forth with stiff forearms, but it is Mercedes who comes out the best with a spinebuster. Martinez goes for a kick but misses and Ripley immediately puts her up onto her shoulders and drops her face-first onto the mat before then locking in a reverse cloverleaf submission.

Martinez manages to reach a kendo stick and uses the weapon to break things up. However, Robert Stone then tries to climb the cage which leads to Ripley headbutting him as he flops over the top, but Rhea cannot do what she had planned as Martinez hits her with a kendo stick and then a neck breaker off the top rope.

The Robert Stone Brand member then sets up the table as she looks to finish this one, taking Ripley to the top turnbuckle. However, Ripley begins to fight back and she connects with the Riptide through the table and gets the win after a great main event.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

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