WWE NXT Talent Reportedly Released


According to Squared Circle Sirens, WWE NXT backstage interviewer Christy St. Cloud has been released.

St. Cloud, who was previously known as Christy Olson from Afterbuzz TV, has been removed from the WWE website and has changed all of her social media handles to remove her WWE surname.

St. Cloud signed with WWE and made her TV debut back in April of 2017, and prior to that, she was a ring announcer for West Coast Wrestling Connection in the Pacific Northwest of California.

St. Cloud joins a number of NXT talents who have been released in recent weeks, as last week we noted three other talents were cut including Abbey Laith (aka Kimber Lee) and Sage Beckett, who both competed in last year’s Mae Young Classic. Laith has been working NXT Live events for a little over a year with a few appearances on television, while Beckett was signed around the same time.

WWE also released NXT talent Gu Guangming, one of the Chinese recruits signed in 2016 that worked under the name Ming.