WWE NXT UK Reportedly Close To Signing Several New Talents


According to a report by Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, WWE is looking at signing several new talents for WWE NXT UK.

Some new talents have arrived at the UK Performance Centre recently for a three-week training session and they could potentially be joining the brand on a full-time basis.

Tony Gill is one of those names, who is known from IMPACT Wrestling as Gursinder Singh. As well as that, there is Molly Spartan who is a Scottish wrestler that is currently in a relationship with WWE NXT UK wrestler, Wolfgang.

Shaw Samuels was previously offered a deal, but he didn’t end up signing due to an injury at the time, but he is close to signing once again. Aleah James is also part of the camp right now and is being looked at by WWE.

Adam Maxted is also reportedly set to be close to signing a deal, although he isn’t part of the training camp right now. He is known for his days with ICW and World Of Sport, but also was part of the reality series, Love Island.