1/23 WWE NXT UK Results | Cruiserweight Title Qualifiers, Final Stop Before ‘Worlds Collide’



January 23rd, 2020
York, England, UK

The show kicks off with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala welcome Imperium to the ring. Scala congratulates NXT UK on being the fastest growing brand in the history of WWE. WALTER is presented with a new title belt, which now incorporates the NXT logo.

WALTER says that the last belt was polluted by the hands of Tyler Bate and the mouth of Pete Dunne. WALTER then launches into a promo against Undisputed Era.

Tom Phillips & Aiden English run down the matches for World’s Collide. A music video hypes up the matches.

Winner Advances To Cruiserweight Title Four Way Match At WWE World’s Collide: Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin.

Match starts out heated. They trade blows before Devlin can get his track suit off. Ligero gets a nearfall off a crucifix. Liger hits a kick to the face. Ligero hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam for a nearfall.

Devlin fights back with a stiff Uranage. Devlin stands on Ligero’s face as he takes off his jacket. Devlin pummels Ligero. Ligero comes back with an armdrag and lariats Devlin over the top rope. Devlin counters a plancha.

They trade blows at ringside. Devlin hits a huge Superkick, while Ligero does a headstand on the apron. The referee admonishes both men, as he’s close to a countout.

Back in the ring and Devlin hits a Back Suplex for a nearfall. Devlin twists the arm and sends Ligero into the corner. Devlin hits Ligero in the spine. Devlin hits a Backdrop Backbreaker. Devlin stands on the head of Ligero. Devlin corners Ligero and sends him out of the ring.

Ligero gets back in the ring and Devlin continues to dominate. Ligero fights back and hits a thrust kick. Ligero hits a lariat. Ligero counters a Slingshot Cutter. Ligero hits a Stunner for a nearfall. Devlin counters a double stomp and hits a standing Spanish Fly for a nearfall.

Devlin gets another nearfall. Ligero counters a Moonsault. Ligero gets a nearfall. Devlin gets a nearfall with his feet on the ropes. Ligero gets a nearfall. Devlin kicks him in the knee. Ligero its a DDT. Ligero its a Pumphandle Facebuster. Ligero hits a diving splash for a nearfall.

Devlin hits a headbutt. Devlin hits a Slingshot Cutter for a nearfall. Devin hits Devlin Side for the pinfall.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin

Backstage, Kay Lee Ray gives her thoughts on her upcoming title defense against Mia Yim. Imperium then shows up to talk themselves up, but get interrupted by Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

Next week, Eddie Dennis speaks out. A Royal Rumble hype video plays. Finn Balor talks about how Ilja Dragunov reminds him a lot of himself.

Josh Morrell vs. Ilja Dragunov

Morrell tries to use his athleticism to his advantage but eats some stiff strikes from Dragunov. Morrell gets a bit of an advantage but gets floored by a chop and a senton. Dragunov hits a lariat. Dragunov continues to throw Morrell around the ring. Dragunov hits a running headbutt for the pinfall.

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov calls himself a “man of few words.” He says the words he uses, he uses carefully. He says that he will make Finn Balor realize that-…and he’s cut off by Joe Coffey & Gallus. Coffey asks for a minute alone with Dragunov. Coffey says that Gallus appreciates Dragunov. Coffey says that when Dragunov is done with Balor, he has a score to settle with Coffey.

Backstage, Imperium have a word with Johnny Saint & Sid Scala. Imperium will face Andrews, Webster & a partner of their choosing next week. Also next week, The Hunt faces Lorcan & Birch.

Winner Advances To Cruiserweight Title Four Way Match At World’s Collide: Travis Banks vs. The Brian Kendrick

They stare each other down for what feels like MINUTES. Kendrick throws a stiff punch. Banks connects with some swift kicks. Banks gets a nearfall. Banks hits a Busaiku Knee and Kendrick goes to the outside.

Kendrick gets back in the ring and immediately eats a mid kick. Kendrick goes to the outside again and gets taken out by a soccer kick from Banks. Banks chops away at Kendrick at ringside. 

Back in the ring and Banks keeps Kendrick manhandled. Kendrick fights out of a Cobra Clutch. Kendrick hits a series of shoulder thrusts. Kendrick gets sent to the outside again. Kendrick attacks Banks’ hand. Banks beats a countout but Kendrick stands on his hand.

Kendrick continues to attack the arm. Banks fights back and hits a series of dropkicks. Banks hits a Cannonball. Kendrick retreats to the outside. 

Back in the ring and Banks gets a nearfall off of a top rope double stomp. Banks hits a Michinoku Driver. Kendrick rolls out of the ring. Kendrick counters a tope. Kendrick hits a Slingshot Suplex to the floor. Kendrick drags Banks to the entry way and gets back in the ring. Banks beats the countout.

Kendrick locks in Captain’s Hook. Kendrick gets a nearfall. Banks hits a rollup and a superkick. Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 for a nearfall. Kendrick hits stiff head kicks. Banks hits Slice of Heaven. Banks hits Kiwi Crusher for pinfall.

WINNER: Travis Banks