WWE NXT UK RESULTS (2/13) Gallus In Action In Main Event


Feb. 13th, 2020
York, England, UK

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Amale

They lock up. Valkyrie brings Amale to the canvas with a Front Chancery. Valkyrie gets a nearfall off a rollup. Amale tries to fight out of a headlock, to no avail. Valkyrie gets a nearfall off a Victory Roll.

Amale throws Valkyrie into the corner but eats a series of kicks. Valkyrie gets a nearfall. Amale ducks a spinning back kick, but gets floored by a leg sweep. Valkyrie hits a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. Amale slams Valkyrie to the mat. Valkyrie hits a series of body kicks, followed by a kick to the head. Valkyrie hits a Spinning Back Kick. Valkyrie climbs to the top rope. Valkyrie hits a Diving Famouser for the pinfall in 3:33.

WINNER: Aoife Valkyrie

Backstage, Travis Banks is interrupted by Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe says no one is talking about Banks, but instead Imperium. Banks asks what its like riding WALTER’s coattails. Wolfe walks away.

Dave Mastiff vs. Saxon Huxley

They lock up, but Mastiff uses his strength to throw Huxley around the ring. Mastiff hits a delayed suplex. Mastiff locks in a shoulder stretch and pummels Huxley with elbows.

Huxley fights back. Huxley hits a chest kick. Huxley hits a running knee. Huxley continues to attack the chest. Huxley continues to tenderize Mastiff with knees. Mastiff comes back with a body block. Mastiff hits a running senton. Mastiff hits a running Hip Drop. Mastiff hits a Release German Suplex. Mastiff hits a Cannonball. for the pinfall in 3:05.

WINNER: Dave Mastiff

Backstage, Toni Storm tells Johnny Saint & Sid Scala that she accepts Kay Lee Ray’s challenge for an “I Quit” Match. Sid Scala presents Toni with the contract, and she signs.

Back in the arena, Grizzled Young Veterans come to the ring. Zack Gibson goes on and on about how GYV are the best. He runs through their history as the first NXT UK Tag Champs. Gibson eventually starts slagging off the York fans and their town, and tells them how great Liverpool football is. Gibson says that York is as necessary as The Hunt. Gibson wraps it up by saying that GYV will prove they are the number one team in the world.

Amir Jordan vs. Joe Coffey

Jordan tries to use his speed to his advantage, but is repeatedly overpowered by Coffey. Coffey hits a huge Belly To Belly Suplex. Coffey pummels Jordan in the corner. Coffey gets an inventive nearfall off of a body press.

Coffey attacks Jordan’s injured arm. Coffey stomps away at Jordan’s arm in the corner. Coffey begins attacking the healthy arm of Jordan. Jordan tries to fight out but gets taken to the mat again. Jordan gets some momentum but Coffey sends him back to the mat and hits a Rolling Lariat for the pinfall in 4:58.

WINNER: Joe Coffey

After the match, Coffey calls out Ilja Dragunov. He says he’s going to smash up Dragunov’s world. Coffey says Dragunov owes him a debt, and “payment’s due, friend.” He then goes on to say that Gallus will take care of Lorcan & Burch because “Gallus boys on top.”

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)

Coffey dominates Burch to start. Woflgang tags in and keeps Burch grounded.  Coffey tags in and both men work over Burch in the corner. Coffey stretches Burch’s arm. Burch fights back and Lorcan tags in.

Lorcan hits an atomic drop. Burch tags in and both men wishbone Coffey. Burch hits a series of uppercuts. Gallus double team Burch. Coffey hits a corkscrew uppercut. Wolfgang tags in and keeps Burch at bay. Lorcan tags in and fights off both members of Gallus, until he gets crushed by Woflgang. Gallus knock Burch off the apron, and continue to double team Lorcan. Wolfgang hits a running crossbody for a nearfall.

This is the section where Gallus work over Lorcan endlessly. Seriously, like two whole minutes. Lorcan finally fires up and absorbs forearm shots from Wolfgang. Lorcan dodges a moonsault and tags in Burch. Coffey tags in. Burch and Coffey trade punches. Burch hits a back elbow. Burch hits a European Uppercut. Burch hits a German Suplex. Burch hits a Ripcord Headbutt. Lorcan tags in.

Wolfgang tries to break up a double team but gets sent to the outside. Lorcan hits Coffey with a Blockbuster. Burch tags in. Coffey fights back. Coffey throws Lorcan out of the ring and pulls Burch off the middle rope. Burch counters a Slingshot Samoan Drop. Lorcan gets Wolfgang in a Single Crab. Burch gets Coffey in a crossface. Wolfgang and Lorcan fight to the outside of the ring. Coffey slams Burch. Wolfgang tags in. Gallus hits a Power Slam/Mid Kick combo for the pinfall in 10:41.


After the match, Ilja Dragunov interrupts the celebration. Gallus triple team Dragunov.