NXT UK Results (3/12): Finn Balor vs Alexander Wolfe, Noam Dar In Action


Coventry, England
March 12, 2020

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Finn Balor interrupts the commentary team by coming to the ring. He says he didn’t come here to boost the ratings. He came here for WALTER, “if he’s got the balls to face the Prince.” WALTER does indeed has the balls, and Dvorak plays through the arena.

Imperium joins WALTER. Alexander Wolfe welcomes Balor to NXT UK, “Imperium’s domain.” He promises Balor a proper welcome. Balor fights off Wolfe, Aichner & Barthel. Balor escapes the ring before WALTER can get his hands on him.

Backstage, Viper Niven says that Kay Lee Ray is her sister, and that all she could do during Ray’s “I Quit” Match, but Ray is “evil,” and someone’s got to do something. A Tyler Bate hype video plays.

Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) vs. Dan Maloney & DeReiss Gordon

Maloney & Gordon spend much of the match getting the better of Stoker & Howley. Maloney gets a nearfall off of a brainbuster. Gordon tags in and Pretty Deadly take over.

Pretty deadly get a series of nearfalls on Gordon. They keep him isolated in their corner, and hit him with simple, effective double team moves. Maloney finally tags in and absolutely dominates Sam Stoker with stiff chops and lariats. Maloney hits a Ripcord Sideslam. Maloney hits a back body drop. Stoker retreats from the ring.

Howley blind tags in and hit Deadly Pretty for the pinfall in 6:04.

WINNERS: Pretty Deadly

Backstage Alexander Wolfe demands a match against Balor, and Johnny Saint says ok. Jordan Devlin says hello to Saint & Sid Scala. He’s told that he’ll be defending the Cruiserweight Championship against Travis Banks in two weeks.

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