NXT UK Results (3/12): Finn Balor vs Alexander Wolfe, Noam Dar In Action


Earlier this week, Gallus challenged Dave Mastiff, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster to a match for next week.

Ligero vs. Noam Dar

Ligero gets the upperhand to start, but Dar trips him up on the apron and basement dropkicks him to the floor. Dar sends Ligero back in the ring and pummels him on the canvas.

Dar attacks Ligero’s arm. Dar hits a Tornado Slam for a nearfall. Liger tries to fight back. Ligero kicks at Dar’s legs. Dar trips Ligero. Ligero sends Dar to the outside. Ligero hits a Plancha. Ligero rolls Dar back in the ring. Dar punches and chops Dar. Ligero drops Dar with a big blow. Ligero hits a Reverse DDT for a nearfall. Ligero rolls up Dar with a Small Package for a nearfall.

Dar counters a Jump Back Cutter with a Fujiwara Armbar. Ligero rolls up Dar for two. Ligero hits a pop-up forearm. Dar hits a running shin kick. Dar hits a running enzuigiri for the pinfall in 6:14.

WINNER: Noam Dar

Backstage, Travis Banks promises to beat Jordan Devlin for the Cruiserweight Title.

Amale vs. Dani Luna

They lock up. Luna tosses Amale. Luna takes down Amale. Amale counters with a wristlock. Luna delivers another series of throws. Amale fights out of a German Suplex. Luna hits a huge forearm. Luna hits a fallaway slam. Kay Lee Ray runs in and beat both women up for the DQ in 1:57.

WINNER: Nobody

Kay Lee Ray gets on the mic and says she successfully got rid of Toni Storm, and puts the whole division on notice. She’s attacked by Dani Luna. Ray fights back with a Superkick and a Gory Bomb.

After the match, an Aoife Valkyrie hype video plays.

MAIN EVENT: Alexander Wolfe vs. Finn Balor

Balor takes Wolfe to the mat and attacks the arm. Wolfe tries to fight back but Balor dominates for much of the opening. Balor keeps Wolfe at bay and gets a nearfall.

Wolfe fights back with a leg kick and a back breaker. Wolfe covers for a nearfall. Wolfe’s comeback is shortlived. Imperium comes out, but is merely forced to watch as Balor absolutely tortures Wolfe. Balor hits Sling Blade. Barthel distracts Balor. Wolfe takes advantage. The referee bans Imperium. 

They trade blows. Wolfe hits an enzuigiri. Balor hits a double stomp. Wolfe counters a dropkick with a rollup for a nearfall. Wolfe gets a nearfall off of a German Suplex. Balor fights back and hits a modified Sling Blade. Balor hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Balor hits Coup De Grace. Balor hits 1916 for the pinfall in 8:29.

WINNER: Finn Balor

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