WWE NXT UK Results (3/19): Gallus Headlines 6-Man Tag, Kassius Ohno, Kay Lee Ray In Action


March 19th, 2020
Coventry, England

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Last week’s NXT UK is recapped to start.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dani Luna

Luna throws Ray around to start. Luna uses her strength advantage to get a series of nearfalls. Ray counters with a shoulder stretch, and pummels Luna’s chest. Ray gets a nearfall.

Luna gets the advantage back, but Ray counters a Samoan Drop with a Superkick. Ray hits a Gory Bomb for the pinfall in 2:33.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray

Ray beats up Luna after the bell. Piper Niven runs in for the save. Ray retreats from the ring.

Finn Balor walks around last week’s NXT UK backstage, with a chip on his shoulder. Backstage this week, Bate asks for a match with Balor. Bate is informed that he will take part in a 20-man battle royal for a shot at the WWE NXT UK Championship.

An Aoife Valkyrie vignette is interrupted by Nina Samuels complaining about Valkyrie stealing her spotlight. The two will face each other next week.

Joseph Connors vs. Ridge Holland

They lock up. They break. Connors evades Holland. Holland dominates Connors. Holland hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Holland pummels Connors.

Connors fights back and sends Holland to the outside. Connors hits a Tope Suicida. They fight back into the ring and trade blows. Connors trips up Holland and attacks the leg. Connors fights out of Northern Grit with a Small Package for a nearfall.

Connors keeps attacking the knee. Connors continues to attack the knee. Connors…yep, you guessed it, still attacking the knee.

Connors pummels Holland. Holland begins to fight back. Holland hits a Front Suplex. Holland punishes Connors with strikes. Holland tosses Connors across the ring. Connors rolls out of the ring. Holland rolls Connors back in the ring. Connors fights back. Holland hits Northern Grit for the pinfall in 7:44.

WINNER: Ridge Holland

Backstage, Mark Andrews is hurt.

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