WWE NXT UK Results (3/5): WALTER vs Dave Mastiff, Travis Banks In Action


Backstage, Eddie Dennis marvels at his own journey from Principal to Pro Wrestler. He says that both jobs are pretty similar. He says that he studied at a red brick university to get a degree in mathematics, and that he will manipulate the minds of his opponents.

A video hyping up the NXT UK Tag Division plays.

Saxon Huxley vs. Ridge Holland

Huxley hits a huge kick at the start. Huxley punishes Holland in the corner. Holland uses his strength to fight off Huxley and tosses him into the corner. Holland hits an Alabama Slam. Holland hits a second Alabama Slam for the pinfall in 1:17.

WINNER: Ridge Holland

Jordan Devlin sends a message to Johnny Saint & Sid Scala outside of Full Sail University. He says that next week he will return to NXT UK.

Isla Dawn vs. Aofie Valkyrie

They lock up and trade holds. Valkyrie gets a nearfall off a crucifix. Dawn takes over and gets a series of nearfalls. They trade rollups and nearfalls. They dodge each other’s kicks. Dawn dodges a head kick by doing a split. Dawn rolls up Valkyrie but Valkyrie comes back with a solebutt and a leg sweep. Valkyrie hits a standing moonsault for a nearfall.

Dawn fights out of a stretch. Dawn slams Valkyrie into the corner. Valkyrie gets on the second rope, but Dawn trips her with a Tiger Feint Kick. Dawn hits a Diving Meteora for a nearfall.

Valkyrie gets momentum back and climbs to the top rope. Valkyrie hits a diving Axe Kick for the pinfall in 4:28.

WINNER: Aoife Valkyrie

Backstage, El Ligero says he’s tired of people talking trash behind his back. Next week he will face Noam Dar.

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