WWE NXT UK Results (3/5): WALTER vs Dave Mastiff, Travis Banks In Action


MAIN EVENT: WWE NXT UK Championship Match: WALTER (c) vs. Dave Mastiff.

They circle each other. They lock up. Mastiff goes after the arm. WALTER goes after the beard. WALTER corners Mastiff blocks a chop. They trade shoulder tackles. They trade elbows. Mastiff hits a huge crossbody for a nearfall.

Mastiff keeps WALTER grounded. WALTER comes back with a Big Boot. Mastiff counters a Powerbomb. Mastiff hits a Hip Drop for a nearfall. Mastiff punishes WALTER’s back. They trade elbows. Mastiff hits a German Suplex into the corner. WALTER counters a Cannonball with a Dropkick. They trade body blows.

Mastiff fights out of a Sleeper and unleashes a series of rights and lefts. Walter slaps Mastiff in the mouth and hits a huge chop to the chest. WALTER goes to the top rope. Mastiff dodges the big splash. Mastiff hits a huge German Suplex. Mastiff hits a European Roll for a nearfall. WALTER fights back but Mastiff comes back with a Cannonball for a nearfall.

Mastiff gets to the top rope but WALTER cuts him down. WALTER hits a Powerbomb for the pinfall in 8:04.


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