WWE NXT UK Results (8/28): Final Build to Takeover, Jordan Devlin vs Kenny Williams


WWE NXT UK Results
August 28, 2019

Match #1 – Ilja Dragunov def. Tyson T-Bone

Solid back-and-forth match with a lot of heavy hitting, strikes and kicks. Dragunov struggles to hit a German suplex before eventually getting it. Tyson rallies and charges the corner but eats the ring post instead. Dragunov puts the match away with the Torpedo Moscow after a Swanton Bomb.

Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray are out for the final build to their title match in Cardiff. They roll footage of Storm winning back the NXT UK Women’s Champion, and Lee winning the battle royal that got her the opportunity. Toni talks about how she has travelled all over the world with Kay Lee and considered her like an older sister, but whoever it is that came to the NXT UK brand is not the Kay Lee Ray that she used to know.

Match #2 – Joseph Conners def. Oliver Carter

Conners controlled a lot of the action, bullying his opponent and working the body with submissions and big knees. Every time Carter tried to come back he got thrown into the ropes, or pulled by the hair, or kicked in the back of the head. Conners eventually dodged a springboard moonsault, hit Don’t Look Down and won the match.

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Jack Gallagher calls out Kassius Ohno and says he’s sick of people talking about who is he best British-style wrestler between them. Ohno is American. Next week they’ll face off in a rematch and he’ll prove he’s the best.

A video package from Cesaro is shown where he reveals he’ll be visiting Cardiff this weekend en route to China, to get a “hands on” look at the NXT UK brand.

Rhea Ripley vs. Piper Niven has been confirmed for next week’s show.

Match #3 – Jordan Devlin def. Kenny Williams

A video package takes us back to WALTER winning the WWE UK Championship, forming the Imperium faction, the long rivalry with British Strong Style and how the group has moved through Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, with their focus now on Tyler Bate. Bate claims he’s going to take the title away from WALTER and stop him from disrespecting it.

The show ends with a brawl between all three teams participating in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match in Cardiff. The Grizzled Young Vets came out first complaining about having to defend in a triple threat match, Gallus is next followed by Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Wolfgang is the one to stand tall in the end.