WWE NXT UK Star Comments On Potential WarGames Match


WWE NXT UK Star, Alexander Wolfe recently spoke with TalkSport’s The Pro Wrestling Show where he discussed the possibility of a War Games match.

Wolfe spoke about the potential of an Imperium vs Undisputed Era match, and the former SAnitY member made it clear he wants to do it in one stipulation only.

“Two words for you: War Games,” Wolfe said. “I will do a picture [online]right now with Imperium on it—and it’s happened before already—some fans, they want to see it, they post underneath it, ‘Give me Undisputed Era vs. Imperium.'”

The possibility of having some form of NXT vs NXT UK match is something that Wolfe is very much for.

“It would be awesome, the NXT family is big,” Wolfe responded. “We all know each other from the indies. NXT is bigger, has more production, NXT UK is quite new, but what is not quite new are the people in there with their experience. A lot of people have wrestled a long time before NXT UK on the British circuit, on the indie circuit, worldwide. People have been over to Japan and they have a lot of experience, so the product is new, but the people know what to do and they are good.”

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