WWE Officials Confused About Brie, Reason for Title Change, HIAC


– Tickets for the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view in Miami are not selling at near a sellout pace.

– WWE officials are disappointed and puzzled that Brie Bella isn’t getting over more as a babyface. They couldn’t understand why there wasn’t more sympathy for Brie when Tamina Snuka was beating her up this past week.

– As noted, Vince McMahon made the decision for Cody Rhodes and Goldust to win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on Monday’s RAW, instead of Hell In a Cell. Apparently Vince wasn’t happy that only heels had titles.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Vince knows the business. You can’t run on all Heel champs. Heels are supposed to be trying to take down the good guys.

    • Yah well it’s more the other way around good guy try to take them down town the end which they usually do or cena does lol

  2. Brie can’t get over, because she is not good enough of a wrestler to get over. Personality wise, shes the sweet quiet one of the twins, and her sister is kinda b****y and aggressive, Nikki could get over, brie is just to vanilla.

  3. Brie can’t get over because of her lack of talent in the ring and her lack of being entertaining. Just because you’re boning the WWE champion doesn’t mean some of his talent gets transferred to her.

  4. There’s no sympathy because there women’s division is a joke. It’s more about looks than wrestling. Half the time the opponents are smiling at each other, even when there getting punched and stomped on and the wrestling is so fake. Last week Eva Marie was smiling throughout the whole match like a dumb bimbo. It’s not how it used to be. No realism and no technical ability.

  5. brie makes those annoying noises in the ring and the bellas are being shoved down our throat on a regular …plus her acting / selling sucks.. plus womens wrestling is filler


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